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1.- is it correct that a non-US resident, non-US citizen can legally open an account if going personally to the bank?

Technically it’s possible, if you were to take an extended U.S. Holiday (over 1 month) in order to have a verifiable U.S. Address. Being a US citizen is not a requirement for opening a personal US non-interest bearing account (your country of origin would be taken into consideration) but the U.S. Residential address is. Once you had the account, you would need a way to receive bank statements, this can be done by using a mail forwarder (the bank would send the statements to the forwarder and they would forward it on to you).

How to choose a mail forwarding agency


Another thing to consider are the transfer fees that would be charged for moving the money into your account at home (usually high).Mastercard rewards

2.- if yes, please provide me with a detailed list of requirements (including documentation) that the person should comply with before the bank.

Individual banks have different requirements. At the least you should have with you:

– copy of utility bill to verify U.S. Address (a PO box is not suitable)

– copy of passport

If needed –

– copy of a document that shows your home tax number address

– copy of a bank account statement from your home country


A much easier method is to use a company like valis. Valis international has been around a long time and is considered a safe alternative.

Affiliate packages with US accounts for foreigners

US checking account with ATM or mastercard debit card in your personal name

All accounts:

• real individual US checking accounts at a US FDIC insured bank in your name (and your name alone) — $5.95/month (free if >$500 daily balance maintained)

mastercard rewards

• all accounts are FDIC insured

• ATM card and mastercard debit card– $500/day withdrawal limit

• ATM card accepted at all NYCE, PLUS and STAR networked bank machines

• mastercard debit card good anywhere mastercard is accepted and at CIRRUS/MAESTRO bank machines (the bank will bill you $30 every year for the mastercard)

• internet access to your account

• internet billpay available — $8.95/month (free if >$1,000 daily balance maintained (replaces $5.95/month fee)

• international wire transfers available ($45 fee, domestic = $12)

Account requirements:

• passport color scanned and emailed then included in the mailed package

• telephone bill showing your name, address, and phone number color scanned and emailed then included in the mailed package

mastercard rewards

• signed and dated account application color scanned and emailed then mailed or couriered to us

• bank may require further documentation.


Here are two similar services but I can’t vouch for their reliability.


All you need to do is send a photocopy of your passport. We guarantee you’ll be able to open a US bank account or we’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.





Another option is to open an account in your home country with a global bank such as HSBC the world’s local bank.



If you own a business, you may want to consider registering your company in a state such as delaware because then your company would qualify for a U.S.Mastercard rewards bank account.

Business account:



Http://www.Easycorpltd.Com/main.Php?F=bank patriot act


None of this is really needed to do business with the united states, it all depends on the reason why you want the account. I hope I’ve been able to help but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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