Ranch of the rockies association

Happy New year to all, Just a little recap on the Christmas Party. We had more people than previous years and we did not run out of food. A special thanks to the Hartsel Fire folks. We had just enough room for everyone to have chairs at tables. And there was still enough room for people to move around and visit. This was an absolute fantastic venue put together by Niki Griffin and all her volunteers.

Buffalo Creek Reservoir: Wow where do I start, Well, it’s closed until further notice, and all the fish are gone. The flooding that occurred last summer really messed some things up. The west fence line is down and buried in debris that washes into the reservoir.

The water quality can not sustain fish. There is a lot of work to get done out there. The good news is that the release valve was cleared and operational.

In case you are not on the Ranch, the Burn Pit has been lighted, and is in a satisfactory burn. There were several factors involved with the decision to burn. Here’s the deal. It really depends on the amount of moisture in the snow, and how long it will be on the ground. Also, the forecasted winds are critical. Finally, we got some much needed snow on New Years, and that has helped with the decision to burn. We have been issued a permit to burn by Hartsel Fire, and the burn is underway. More than likely it will burn for over a month due to large stumps in the pit.

While we look forward to warmer weather, your board members are working to make plans for needed maintenance for our reservoir. We are also looking at some additional work to alleviate any more issues with fire debris and sedimentation from the burn area. Some of this needs to be completed before the spring thaw. The ground is still soft enough to work the area however we will need to bring in material to help dry the ground up as it is still quite boggy. The need to dry things up is so that we can get equipment in to start to make repairs to our western fence line and increase the berm surrounding the reservoir to stop or at least reduce any more debris or sediment inflow.

We have hired JR Engineering from Colorado Springs to produce some possible sedimentation ponds to the west of our fence line which will require cooperation from the landowner. Part of our maintenance will be on the incoming flow metering system that is badly corroded and needs replacing. This is required for monitoring flows for our annual water augmentation reports. The fencing of our southern reservoir line property acquisition from Park County is now complete and really highlights the need to repair our western reservoir fence line. This is first on our to-do list.

Important announcement regarding the December 8, 2018 Board Meeting. The meeting has been moved to the Hartsel Fire Station 5, at Campfire and Ranch Roads. The meeting will start promptly at 9:00, and include comments and final approval of the 2019 budget. Your input is welcome. The Christmas Party will start at the same location at 2:00 pm.

So, we are still in need of volunteers to set up for the Christmas party. If you have the time to contribute and help decorate, please let me know. The Ranch Christmas party will be held at Fire Station #5 on Ranch Rd. and Campfire at 2:00 pm. I will have the doors open by 9:00 am for the Board meeting. I have enough guys and gals to get the tables and chairs, and will be there by at least 10 am. Niki Griffin posted a list earlier on the website of what to bring for a side dish. I, for one, am looking forward to some great food, and good friends here on the Ranch.

Winter has given us some much needed moisture, and we are thankful for that. There are a few folks that still insist on driving very fast pass the office, and I have witnessed some really close near misses of people coming around corners and even passing people on slick roads. Please! Slow down before there’s an accident and someone gets hurt.