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Go away you racist clown.

Politically correct brainwashers want us to believe that black stupidity and

Laziness is an unfair stereotype. But it’s not — it’s earned (unlike their

Welfare checks).

Have you ever worked with a negro? Or known someone who has?

It’s usually not a good experience. I’ve seen tons of negroes get fired

For laziness, incompetence, and falling asleep on the toilet. I’ve even

Seen negroes fired for stealing cash from the cash register–right

Underneath the security camera!

I’ve talked to lots of people who’ve had similar experiences with negro

Coworkers. But, black laziness and incompetence runs deeper than the


If you look at the real world, you will see ample evidence that the black

Race is totally and completely unable to take care of itself.

The year is 2017.U s anti money laundering laws what do we see in ALL black countries? Rampant

Disease. Starvation. High crime. Very high violence. Extremely high


Hell, south africa is the rape capital of the world. Did you know that?

Stupid bootlipped burrheads. You know, you give the negro his freedom and

He just can’t handle it. In south africa, crime exploded after the negroes

Were given equality and the country came under black rule.

This is exactly the same thing that happened when the beasts were granted

Freedom in america 140 years ago.

Now, you see that negroes cannot run their own lives. If you need more

Evidence, just look at haiti.

But, it is no surprise, being as dumb and lazy that they are, that

American negroes are the largest group of welfare recipients.

Black families comprised 39 percent of TANF (welfare) families. White

Families comprised 31 percent of the families and 25 percent were

u s anti money laundering laws

Hispanic or latino.

The inferior bootlipped negro represents only 13% of the american

Population. Yet, they comprise 39% of welfare recipients. They are

Over-represented on welfare rolls by a factor of 3!!!

The inferior negro breeds like a cockroach, too. The dumb, irresponsible

Subhuman beasts–

72% of black babies are born out of wedlock:

Dumb nogs, they can’t even survive without welfare!!!

Even worse, the dumb beasts can’t even pay to bring more of their

Inferior selves into the world:

62% of ALL black childbirth expenses are paid for by the government.

Stupid worthless negroes.

Of course, if you look at the iqs of the negro, you will find that

Negroes are the dumbest race on earth. Not only are they the dumbest,

But they are clearly the laziest, the most violent, and the most criminal

Race on EARTH–not just america. But in canada, europe, and africa,


I’m sure you’ve seen my negro crime stats:

u s anti money laundering laws

Blacks were over 7 times more likely than whites to commit homicide

In 2000

Based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 32% of

Black males will enter state or federal prison during their lifetime,

Compared to 17% of hispanic males and 5.9% of white males.

Blacks are 3 times as likely to commit rapes as whites and hispanics:

In england, black males represent 2.5% of the general

Population. Yet, they comprise 12% of the prison population.

Blacks are disproportionally criminal. Black males are over-represented in

British prisons by a factor of 5. Black females by a factor of 7.5. That

Is, black females comprise 2.5% of the population, but 19% of the prison


The black race is truly worthless. Sure, a few morons will say what

About condoleeza rice or colin powell? OK, there’s a handful of

Competent negroes.

But rice and powell are not representative of the black population.U s anti money laundering laws the

Negro behind bars or on welfare is.

Boo hoo hoo! Mean, evil racist, you say. Fuck you. The problem is that

You know I’m right. You just don’t want to admit it. For bleeding heart

Morons, it’s real convenient to blame consistent black failure on people

Like me. Oh, the negro is criminal because of racism, poverty, lack of

Opportunity, or the legacy of slavery.

Oh, the negro has a 72% out of wedlock birthrate because of poverty and

Racism, too, right?

And black academic failure? Well, that’s due to negroes eating lead

Paint chips, having parents who don’t care, and not making enough money.


Look at the evidence. Look at the crime, rape, and violence in black

Coutries that are run by blacks. Look at the academic failure and high

Black crime in america, canada, and europe. Then look at the average IQ

Scores of the negro beasts.

It all comes together–blacks are the way they are, poor, dumb, and lazy

u s anti money laundering laws

Because they are stupid. Not because of people like me.

Blacks are worthless. Try to argue otherwise. Try to refute any of the

Data and information I’ve provided.

You can’t. Because you know I’m right. And it eats you up inside…

Re: before canada lets 400,000 unvetted immigrants in, consider this:

Randy crabbs

12/27/17 2:12 PM