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January 29, 2008

RCS favorites: super bowl commercials by ryan hudson

The super bowl (please don’t sue us, NFL) is now less than a week away, so starting today and working our way up to sunday, four of us here at RCS will be offering up some of our favorite memories involving the big game. Up now: our favorite super bowl commercial:

Dave: I’m going to say my favorite super bowl commercial is from 2006. The career builder ad where all the monkeys are partying and celebrating in a conference room, while the regular joe looks on from his cube. The regular joe walks in to the conference room, (we see monkeys wearing party hats and one wearing a suit who’s lighting a cigar by burning money), and he goes to the chart that shows sales are up.Mastercard homepage

he turns it around to show the monkeys that sales are actually down.

This barely edges out the career builder ad from the previous year, where he goes to a meeting with the monkeys and sits on a whoopie cushion. Monkeys are awesome.

On an unrelated note, remember when britney spears was hot?

Jeff: best ad has to be reebok’s ad, terry tate: office linebacker. This is the first ad that I ever went out of my way to watch again on the computer. Full of classic lines, I still quote the terry tate series of commercials to this day (ed. Note: really??), and it all started at the super bowl.

I ain’t got time for pain. The only pain I got time for is the pain I put on fools who don’t know what time it is. People getting hit is, and always will be, funny, especially unsuspecting people wearing suits in an office, getting hit by triple T.Mastercard homepage

You eat someone else’s cake again and I’m gonna give you a slice of terry’s special PAIN-cake, and you WON’T want seconds of that!

If you think about it, is there any ad you’d be happier to see back in the super bowl this year than terry tate? The answer is no, because you know it’d be good. What will we get instead? Probably bud light ads featuring carlos mencia. Dammit.

Dave adds: another thing — the ‘priceless’ mastercard commercials. My god. They have one from 1999 with popeye and there’s no way that was the first one. How long have those been going on?? Is it over 10 years? The same gimmick? Incredible.

Robbie: leave it to [jeff] briggs to steal my pick. I have proof that terry tate, office linebacker is my favorite super bowl advertisement…Mastercard homepage

And this isn’t like when you go to a restaurant and you go around the table and the person just before you orders the same thing. Not at all. This is like, if you’re at that same restaurant, and you’re talking about how delicious the flat-iron steak is, and that you’re definitely going to get that. Then, when the cute waitress comes around to take orders the person next to you (read: briggs) says they’ll have the flat-iron steak and the waitress says that’s her favorite too. Now, you can’t go ahead and order the same item because you’ll just look like an idiot.

But, seeing as briggs screwed that up, I’m going to have to pass on my flat-iron skirt steak and go with the more risky seared ahi tuna. How about jordan vs. Jordan in 2003?

Young jordan: coulda dunked.Mastercard homepage

Old jordan: shoulda dunked.

Basically, it’s not whether jordan was the best basketball player of all-time, it’s which jordan is the best basketball player of all-time. This is one of the greatest gatorade commercials ever, and with the newest (and perhaps last?) air jordan’s having just come out, this gets my nod for best super bowl commercial.

Ryan: this was surprisingly a tough decision. Everyone says that mean joe greene ad was the best ever, but, it was before my time. Those MJ-bird shot-for-shot commercials were good, too, but I only sorta remember those. After spending way too much time at superbowl-ads.Com, I was thinking about picking one of the ameriquest ads from 2005, but instead chose to go the more dramatic route, and pick don cheadle’s ads for the NFL.Mastercard homepage

Done cheadle + dramatic NFL highlights = awesome. Send to friend