RentalCoins_Drivezy - CRYPTOCURRENCYTALK.COM price of bitcoin

RentalCoins_Drivezy – CRYPTOCURRENCYTALK.COM price of bitcoin

RentalCoins : A decentralized currency for the sharing economy

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RentalCoins is a blockchain based technology that focuses on the shared ownership of assets. This technology is being geared towards the indian sharing economy. Its unique capabilities make it perfect to facilitate direct investment into sharable assets, allowing people to build communities which take up collaborative ownership of assets and engage in their rental.

It attempts to lower the cost of ownership by effectuating fractional ownership of resources and simplifying transactions between proprietors and consumers.The price of bitcoin in future, the protocol will reward members who pledge assets and process rental transactions.

The broader goal of rentalcoins is to create a globally shared ecosystem of collaboratively owned assets whose benefits are shared amongst all the members of the sharing community, thereby incentivising more people to share their assets for monetary returns. By building this system on the blockchain it ensures an open, transparent and secure system.

Developed by drivezy, india’s largest peer-to-peer vehicle sharing marketplace, rentalcoins is tailor made to unify the growing sharing economy.

Who is drivezy?

Drivezy is a peer to peer vehicle sharing platform based in bangalore, india. Our platform allows owners to monetize the idle time on their four or two-wheeler by allowing others to use that time through our rental platform.The price of bitcoin

Because of the disparity between the average income and the cost of financing a car in india, this system provides owners a means to ease the burden of finance using the principle of fractional ownership. Customers can access these vehicles through our platform at a fraction of the cost of total ownership.

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The rentalcoins project is the next step in this vision. This system will allow communities to collaboratively finance shared vehicles and democratize ownership.

Project timeline

Due to the large scope of the project, rentalcoins is being developed in two phases, each with their own token function and specifications.The price of bitcoin

RentalCoins 1.0

Built on the ethereum blockchain, rentalcoins 1.0 is a distributed investment technology for the shared ownership of vehicles. It will be compliant with the ERC-20 protocol and will employ smart contracts which will automate the verification and transaction process, thereby making it secure. It will create micro-entrepreneurs wherein each holder of a token will be in control of the income generated by their fractionally owned asset.

The first phase of the rentalcoins shareable infrastructure development requires the setup of 1300 shared vehicles across 9 strategically chosen indian cities. This infrastructure will be based on the currently active proof-of-concept model that is operational in bangalore, mumbai, pune and mysore.

By purchasing rentalcoins 1.0 tokens, investors are collaborating towards the development of the vehicle sharing ecosystem.The price of bitcoin the underlying profit of rentalcoins will be gained by renting out the vehicles to individual customers.

We are conducting two private rentalcoins 1.0 token sales for early investors.

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We’ve also been mentioned on social platforms such as youtube and bitcoin talk:

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A small self-drive rental firm in #india has raised $10 mln in funds

the price of bitcoin

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Cryptocurrency news

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RentalCoins 2.0

Phase II aims to create a unified and decentralized platform for a multitude of sharing markets which include but are not limited to carsharing, co-working spaces and living spaces.

RentalCoins 2.0 will be a decentralised, distributed and eventually open source cryptocurrency tailored for the peer to peer marketplace. It will be built on a native protocol that will integrate functions such as geo-location based pricing and secondary market trading.

RentalCoins breaks down assets listed on the platform into time slices. RentalCoins is a fungible medium for the exchange of these time slices. Tokens will represent the value of time slices of the assets shared across platforms which accept rentalcoins as a mode of transaction.

RentalCoins will allow for the sharing of assets across multiple different domains such as transportation, working and living space, consumer electronics, services and much much more.The price of bitcoin

Our team

Our backers

We will post updates about this project on this thread as and when they come. Any and all feedback from the community will be much appreciated.

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the price of bitcoin

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