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Our aim is to support and maintain people’s independence. We do this through supporting people to live in their homes as long as possible. However, you may be thinking of moving temporarily or permanently into a residential or nursing home. How do I choose a residential or nursing home?

This is a very important decision in your life. The assistance of a social worker can help you think this through. Obtaining help to move into a residential or nursing home is dependent on an assessment of your needs, either when you are in hospital or living at home in the community.

In order to obtain an assessment of your needs, you can request this through the ward staff when you are in hospital or you can contact the social services department directly. Please see the contact details on the right.

If you require nursing care, an admission to a nursing home can be arranged by a social worker, following an assessment and consultation with the health board’s representatives.Housing benefit calculater the health board is responsible for paying the nursing care element of the weekly fee in a nursing home for all residents. The social worker can advise you on how to obtain this element of financial support towards the weekly fee.

If a residential placement is considered to be necessary, usually a period of assessment will be arranged. This is known as “intermediate care”. It is advisable not to give up your tenancy or to arrange for your house to be sold until you are happy with your decision to move. If you are worried about this your social worker will discuss it with you. How much will it cost?

The amount you pay or contribute towards the weekly fee will depend upon your income and capital. Everyone, however, has to pay a minimum contribution out of their state pension or additional income, but you will be allowed to keep a weekly personal allowance to spend as they wish.Housing benefit calculater this personal allowance is stipulated by the department of works and pensions, and is altered annually.

The government set a minimum and a maximum income / capital allowance annually – people who have income or capital below the minimum capital limit will contribute from their pension and qualify for sponsorship by the local authority in residential homes and by the local authority and the health board if they move into a nursing home.

People who have income or capital between the minimum and the maximum capital limits in addition to their state pension have to contribute in accordance with a sliding scale. People who have income or capital in excess of the maximum capital limit will not qualify for financial support and will have to pay the fees in full.

The care and social services inspectorate wales (CSSIW) is responsible for registering and inspecting homes on an annual basis and copies of their inspection reports are available on their website.Housing benefit calculater how to register my residential or nursing home

Cares are entitled to request a separate assessment of their own needs. We will seek to give consideration to the needs of every carer when assessing those in their care. (see our leaflet for further information on carers assessment).

If you are thinking of entering residential care because you have a problem repairing or maintaining your home, some help may be available through grants from the council. On the other hand, your home may be too large or expensive to heat and you would like somewhere smaller and more convenient.

A variety of specialist equipment can be fitted in your home e.G. Alarms, sensors that have been programmed to notify the call centre via a telephone link. (see our leaflet for further information on telecare services).