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Andy dufresne

Andy and red

Warden norton

Lesson learned

I believe that the lesson that we are supposed to learn from the character of samuel norton would be that exploiting others will do nothing but lead you to trouble in the end.

Something that he learns…

During andy’s time at shawshank, he learns how to manipulate the guards and the wardens. This is important to the story and to andy because without him learning this he would have never escaped, as he likely would have had a cellmate for the duration of his time in prison.

Rita hayworth and the shawshank redemption

While andy is in shawshank prison, he has trouble with the inmates known as ‘the sisters’. One of the members of this group, bogs diamond, took a particular interest in andy.

Later on in the story, though it was never proven, andy is suspected of paying someone to beat bogs up.

In addition to that, andy also wins favour amongst the guards at shawshank by assisting with their financial situations which in turn keep him safe from physical harm at the hands of the other inmates.U s anti money laundering laws

Andy and red, the two main characters of the story, became close friends during the 27 years that andy was in prison.

This was important to the story because, without their friendship, red never would have made it in the world outside of shawshank prison. Andy gave red hope and something to live for. In addition to the former reason, the friendship between these two characters was good for andy too, as it gave him support within shawshank, which allowed him to survive.



In the books, samuel norton is the fourth warden that we are introduced to. He is described as a foul hypocrite by red, our narrator.

In the film, he is the only warden that we meet at shawshank.

I believe that this character, in the books and in the movie, was the one of the more difficult things that andy had to overcome in shawshank, as sam norton was a manipulative man that wanted andy to remain in shawshank so that he could continue making illegal money and have andy, who was a banker on the outside, make it legal.U s anti money laundering laws

In the book, three months after andy’s escape, warden norton resigns.

In the film, they sought to give him a climactic exit. Andy sends information about nortons illegal money making schemes at shawshank, which results in the police pursuing norton for arrest. Instead of going with them, he commits suicide in his office.

Warden norton and his relationship with andy:

I would say that the relationship between these two characters started out as a rather professional business one. I say this because andy, with his background of being a banker, was the one that did all of norton’s money laundering. This was a direct result of andy helping byron hadley with his money ‘problem’ earlier on in the story. This relationship is what allowed andy to have his own cell and allowed the library to expand. If andy had had a cellmate for the entirety of his stay at shawshank, he never would have escaped.U s anti money laundering laws

This was proven during the time that normaden, a minor character in the book, was assigned as andy’s cellmate.

Normaden was not part of the movie.

Happy sam

Less happy sam

This slide is movie specific

Important scene

The scene where it shows andy, red, and the other men tarring the roof under the supervision of byron hadley and a few other guards and the scene where it shows all of then men drinking beer afterward is important because it is symbolic of which is one of the main themes in shawshank redemption.


The scene starts with all of the prisoners tarring the roof while the guards lounge off to the side talking. Andy, who used to be a banker, overhears byron hadley telling one of the other guards about his money ‘problem’. He had received a rather large sum of money from his deceased brother, but knew that the government would tax it, resulting in him getting a smaller amount of money.U s anti money laundering laws andy risks his life to inform hadley that he could gift the money to his wife, and thus would not have to pay taxes on it. He then says that he would do all the paperwork for him, so long as he buys beer for all of the men, andy refers to them as his coworkers, once the roof is done being tarred. Byron hadley agrees, and andy’s banking career resumes behind the bars of shawshank.

This scene is important to the movie and the book because it is the first time we see the prisoners of shawshank prison filled with hope.

In addition to the previous point, this is also the moment when andy regains a small sense of normalcy with doing tax returns and other money related things for the guards and the wardens.

Main theme:


The best scene in the movie that displays the theme of justice would be the scene where andy escapes and is standing in the rain as a ‘free’ man.U s anti money laundering laws

Andy represents the theme of justice best because of his perseverance to escape due to his innocence. Also, when he does escape he ensures that the warden payed for the crimes that he committed while in position at shawshank. Though, norton did not get arrested as I believe andy wanted, his death was a justice.

Meaning of the title



: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.

I think that stephen king titled the book the way he did to make the reader think. The title has three parts to it, rita, shawshank, and redemption. Rita hayworth was a famous actress of the period, shawshank is a fictitious place that you’re supposed to wonder what it is, and


Means, well, redemption.

Prisons in real life

In my personal opinion, I believe that prisons should be places of reform rather than places of punishment.U s anti money laundering laws

My main reasoning behind this is due to believing that everybody deserves another chance.

In addition, wouldn’t you rather have former prisoners released as reformed citizens than as bitter and hateful people?

I also think that prisons as places of reform would significantly decrease the number of people who, once released, break the law and wind up back in prison.

Life lessons

Hope never dies

What would red say about this opinion? I think that the red at the end of the book and movie would agree with me. I think this because at the end of the movie BUT! I do think that he would argue that many people that go to prison deserve to be punished, and that they don’t deserve a second go at life on the other side of the walls. There were bad men at shawshank, men that committed horrible crimes both inside and outside the walls of prison. I’m sure that he would say that there was no chance at them behaving proper outside of prison.U s anti money laundering laws

Book review

(movie and book analysis by emma henry)

This lesson was shown to the audience in a number of ways. In the book, the most prominent show of it would have been andy dufresne himself. No matter what occurred, being sent to prison on two murder charges, being attacked by other inmates, and being stuck under the thumb of the wardens, andy never gave up on the hope that he would escape shawshank and reenter society as a free man.

In the movie I would say that the most pronounced show of this would be when andy has finally escaped and is relishing in the feel of the rain on his face.

The book, rita hayworth and the shawshank redemption, was very well written. I have always enjoyed the writings of stephen king and was not surprised to find myself enjoying this one. While this story is shorter than others that I have read, it presents a few very strong themes.U s anti money laundering laws hope, justice, and friendship being the three most prominent. In spite of the touchy subject that the story contains I would recommend it.

My favourite part of this book would be how andy’s escape is detailed. Though we do not get any real, concrete information as the book is told from red’s point of view, I still find this part to be my favourite. My least favourite part of this book would probably be the beginning, as I did not enjoy how the main character introductions were written.

Overall, I would definitely say that this is a good story to be read in a school setting with our age group, as it provokes genuine thought and debate topics. Full transcript

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