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Electronic drum kits may not have the mass and shine of their acoustic counterparts, but they perform in the same way, particularly with the right components. With the roland VH-11 V-hi-hat cymbal, you can fully replicate an acoustic drum kit with electronic components from one of the world’s most renowned electronic instrument manufacturers. The VH-11 V-hi-hat cymbal consists of a fixed base pad with a moving top cymbal piece that, in spite of its 12.36” diameter, looks like a matte black version of the same thing. This hi-hat cymbal type works with a variety of roland electronic drum kits, including models TD-8, TD-10, TD-12, TD-20 and TD-30. If you have a compatible type of drum kit, it’s simple to install the VH-11 hi-hat cymbal using an acoustic hi-hat stand with a kick pedal.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard

if you’re new to the world of electronic percussion, the idea of hi-hat simulator may be a bit foreign, but check it out: users report that the VH11 electronic hi-hat delivers similar performance to its analog counterparts. It has an open-close operation that looks and feels very similar to the way an acoustic hi-hat cymbal pair works, with the main difference being that the bottom part of the roland VH11 hi-hat does not consist of an inverted piece that matches the top, but rather a fixed pad. The base pad floats on your hi-hat stand as the top cymbal works up and down with your pedal control. This hi-hat cymbal has dual-trigger capabilities, and it has output jacks for both the trigger and the control so you can record or amplify sound both sources.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard if you’re using roland electronic drums with the VH-11 V-hi-hat for recording or practice in a setting where quiet equipment operation is imperative, use roland’s hi-hat cymbal accessories. Roland makes accessories to dampen sounds from pedals and other components on their electronic drum kits so you can control sound and ensure that nothing but your drumming gets through. This hi-hat cymbal shows that electronic drums offer the same functionality as their acoustic counterparts. Keep your practice quiet to outside observers while you jam out at full volume through a pair of headphones. Whether you operate it solely through the pedal or you incorporate strikes in your play, the roland VH-11 V-hi-hat cymbal assembly feels very much like the real thing.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard you’ll experience a satisfying weighty feel when you strike the 12.36” black cymbal piece, and you’ll never miss the weight of the real thing. The only thing you’ll miss out on is that brassy metallic flash. You won’t miss the full size and delicacy of acoustic cymbals as you load and unload your gear, though. Weighing in at about 3 pounds, 5 ounces, the roland VH-11 12.36” V-hi-hat cymbal gives you the virtual experience of playing hi-hat cymbals without the heft. Like all elements of roland’s electronic drum kits, this upgraded hi-hat cymbal assembly is sleek and modern, perfect for playing in a small space.

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