Singapore Work Visa – For Indians, How to Apply, Fees mastercard securecode register

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A work permit or a work visa can be applied for by any qualified and skilled indian, who is appointed or engaged on contract or employed at a senior position. These senior positions include managerial roles, economic undertaking as technicians, senior executives, and technical experts. Other sectors include fields of work such as marine, education, media, construction, housekeeping, babysitting, among others. Only employees from approved and valid sources who meet certain criteria are eligible to get this work permit. Under the rules of the work permit, their employers have to pay them a salary for their service, maintain a security bond with them, and also provide them with health insurance.Mastercard securecode register

indians with quality education and relevant work experience are always welcomed by the government of singapore to migrate to their country for work and to settle. This is mostly because of the fact that like every other country, even singapore needs exceptional talents for its development. Features and benefits of work permit or A work visa

• A work permit must be issued from the nation of origin, or from the nation of domicile of the applicant, if their period of permanent residence in that particular nation is more than 2 years.

• the process of obtaining a work permit can be initiated by only an employer or an authorized employment agency.

• A work permit is mostly issued for a working period of up to 2 years. However, the employment term depends on various details like the validity of the passport of the applicant, security bond, etc.Mastercard securecode register

• A work permit can be renewed under special conditions.

• it is given depending on the fact that only a specific number of people can be employed by an employer under the work permit.

• it is compulsory for employers to get healthcare insurance for their employees along with the work permit.

• A security bond worth S$5,000 has to be paid for employees from countries like india, south korea, taiwan, bangladesh, sri lanka, thailand, macau, hong kong, philippines, people’s republic of china, and the republic of the union of myanmar.

Types of work permit or work visa

There are various types of work permit or work visa for people looking for skilled jobs in singapore:

• entre pass: this permit is for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start and follow a new venture in singapore.Mastercard securecode register

• employment pass: this pass is for foreign professionals, executives, and managers who would earn more than S$3,600 and have valid qualifications.

• personalized employment pass: this pass is for the employment pass holders with a high salary. It provides more flexibility than an employment pass, in terms of work.

• S pass: this pass is for mid-level skilled workers. Applicants seeking this pass need to earn at least S$2,200 per month and must fulfill the assessment criteria.

• work permit for foreign worker: this permit is for semi-skilled foreign employees in the fields of marine shipyard, construction, process, manufacturing, and service sector.

• work permit for domestic worker from abroad: this permit is for domestic workers from abroad who come to singapore for work.Mastercard securecode register

• work permit for performing artists: this permit is for performing artists who perform at bars, nightclubs, and hotels.

• pass for training employment: this permit is for foreign professionals who come to singapore to undergo practical training. To get this permit, candidates must earn more than S$3,000 per month.

• training work permit: this permit is for semi-skilled foreign students or trainees taking practical training in singapore for as long as 6 months.

• miscellaneous work pass: this permit is for foreigners who take short-term work projects for as long as 60 days in singapore.

• work passes for holders of long-term visit passes issued by ICA: this permit is for foreign nationals who are married to a resident of singapore, or are parents giving company to a student in singapore.Mastercard securecode register

Eligibility criteria for work permit or work visa

• the applicant must have a valid passport.

• the applicant must be at least 18 years of age. For malaysians, the maximum age limit is 58 years and for non-malaysians, it is 50 years.

• applicants can work only with the scope of work mentioned in their work permits. Running their own business without the valid work permit is illegal.

How to apply for work permit or work visa in singapore?

Mentioned below is the process of work permit application that is followed in singapore:

• the employer or the employment agent submits an application on behalf of the applicant. They need to get a written consent from the employee to apply for the work permit.

• they can fill out the application by logging on to the official singapore work permit portal.Mastercard securecode register

• the employee or the employment agent has to pay S$30 for each application. They can pay by visa, mastercard, enets debit, or GIRO.

• they can check the status of the application after a week by logging on the official website of singapore work permit.

• once the application is approved, a print of the in-principle approval letter (IPA) should be taken.

• within 2 weeks of the arrival of the employee, the employer or the employment agent has to get the permit issued. They have to provide an address where the work permit card has to be delivered. They will also have to nominate names of 3 authorized recipients of the card and submit their IC/FIN/passport number, phone numbers, and email addresses.

How much does an indian have to pay to get a work permit in singapore?Mastercard securecode register

• for one year (multiple entry): S$215

• for more than one year and up to 5 years: S$355