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Please help! I have been divorced for 17 years. In my divorce decree, it states that my ex receives a redit dollar fro dollar for any SSI I would receive from him since he has given me support every month since divorce and has to for the rest of my life. I have reached 62 and now he is retired. I have gotten part of my support from his pension and he was sending the difference, however, now he syas that he is not even giving me the difference since I will be getting 271.00 because I did not work due to sickness and anxiety while married and now. Is this legal if written in divorce? It does not come from him but the government. He is a scammer by the way and I was not aware this was put in decree.

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directgov housing benefit

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My husband left his ex wife 22 yrs ago but she finally let him divorce him 2 yrs ago we have been together 21 yrs and have been finally legaly married 1 yr now and we want to know if something happens to him will I be left high and dry or will I be able to get his social security please help us this has really bothered us because we have been together 3 times longer then they were and he want me to have his social security if something happens so I will be taken care of!!!!!!!!!!Directgov housing benefit