Specialist aml ctf process development _ ds consulting anti money laundering system

Job purpose summary:

The incumbent will ensure that there is adequate AML/CTF system and control in place at group level to effectively manage the money laundering and terrorist financing risk and enhance the global on-going changes for both AML/CTF bodies including QCB instructions and the financial action task force (FATF), to prevent the group from being exposed to the risk of legal/ regulatory sanctions and the associated financial/ reputation loss that the group may incur/ suffer as a result of failure to comply with the relevant AML/ CFT regulations.

Essential duties responsibilities by dimensions:

A. Shareholder financial:

• manage the global AML/CFT efforts of the group by monitoring customer daily transactions on timely basis to avoid any suspicious transactions that could lead to fines/ penal actions and the consequent loss of reputation.

B. Customer (internal external):

anti money laundering system

• liaise with the following on continuous basis to resolve their queries/ respond to issues raised by them relating to the group’s AML/ CFT efforts:

• qatar central bank officials.

• qatar financial market authority officials

• qatar financial center authorities

• QNB shariaa advisory board

• officials from other government bodies in qatar like ministries and QE.

• national anti money laundering committee (NAMLC) and the financial information unit (FIU) in qatar.

C. Internal (processes, products, regulatory):

• establish , enhance procedures , policy the AML/CTF framework to meet the regulatory standard and FATF recommendations.

• adopt and implement the FATF updated AML/CTF recommendations to meet the global standards

• initiate new AML/CTF compliance strategy and regulatory reporting in establishing the regulatory reporting annual plan.

• perform research and recommend enhancements on the principles adopted by QNB group on corporate governance in line regulatory requirements.Anti money laundering system

• take part to the steering committees relevant to the group integration projects and work closely with stakeholders for the adequate and timely delivery of the compliance-specific actions.

• assess the AML/CTF compliance risks at overseas entities and initiate the implementation of new systems to enhance

• undertake studies, analysis and researches aiming to the enhancement of the systems and controls at overseas entities.

• perform gaps analysis of systems and controls with leading practices and regulatory requirements, and recommend areas of improvement at strategic level.

• remain well-informed on timely basis of the regulatory changes and challenges that impact the group’s compliance risk profile and ensure corrective action plan

• implement, manage and keep up-dated the regulatory repository by identifying the regulatory

• perform review policies and procedures established or amended compliance departments as relevant to the compliance framework (i.E.Anti money laundering system excluding the operational aspect).

• establish methods and means for spreading the AML/CTF awareness through training and e-learning platform establish in QNB LD division.

• contribute to setting the training strategy for compliance models on a yearly basis by identifying emerging topics to be adopted, reviewing or establishing training materials.

• prepare the quarterly risk-based reporting on the major AML/CTF requirements to the GACC

D. AML/CTF skills and responsibilities

• significant decision-making capabilities, high-level judicial and analytical capabilities, ability to apply own ethical principles, highly effective communicator and negotiator, expert-level understanding of risk management, innovative forward-planning, ability to apply a deep and profound understanding of the sector and the industry to address compliance issues where they arise.

Anti money laundering system

• high-level strategic management and negotiation with board, senior officers and regulators. Judicial application of ethical principles of compliance culture. Instigate major compliance programs. Accurately endorse solutions. Powerful understanding of risks and methods to forecast events. Excellent communications skills. Strong leadership and team working capabilities.

• ability to apply specialist knowledge as part of risk management, lead major programs taking a proactive approach anticipating events, ability to communicate effectively at all levels and negotiate with diplomacy, apply a strong teamwork ethic, excellent oral and written skills, highly developed analytical skills for both qualitative and quantitative data as they relate to products and services.

• ability to work without supervision and to lead projects following tight deadlines, managing staff and developing a good teamwork ethic, reporting and presenting assessments and evaluations of project data in a variety of formats, communicating orally and in writing in a clear, succinct and lucid fashion, showing a solid understanding of compliance and risk management issues relating to product and service within a firm.Anti money laundering system

• ability to develop knowledge and understanding of compliance and risk management matters relating to products and services. Demonstrate an ability to acquire skills needed to perform compliance roles at a higher level, such as independent and team working, engagement with ethical concerns

E. Managerial attributes

• strategic leadership and management with strategic oversight for compliance within the entire organization building relationships with key international/regional bodies.

• expert-specialist practitioners in senior leadership and influencing roles carrying out oversight of specific compliance function(s). Liaison with national regulators, FIU

• managerial and specialist practitioners fulfilling both general and specific functions that include analysis of complex data, review of compliance issues, specific compliance projects.

• evaluation and analysis of client data, transaction data and administration of compliance monitoring and compliance on-boarding functions including KYC and CDD.Anti money laundering system

• entry level roles involving the administration of compliance processes carrying out routine, familiar and predictable work.

F. Learning knowledge:

• maintain an understanding of all pertinent AML/CFT laws, regulations, policies/ procedures and applicable best practices pertaining to the group’s domestic operations/ activities.

• provision of inputs to the department’s training plan and thereby develop/ enhance the skill sets of group compliance personnel with respect to AML/ CFT measures/ initiatives and provide them with opportunities for career development. Also, identify areas for professional development of self and other group compliance personnel.

G. Other:

• unrestricted access at any time to all information, records, personnel and property in qatar and overseas (as and when applicable) is required for effective AML/CFT implementation.

• maintain utmost confidentiality with respect to the information obtained during the day-to- day performance of his duties/ responsibilities.Anti money laundering system

Education/experience requirements:

• bachelor degree with professional qualifications such as CCO/ CIA/ CPA.

• A minimum of 10 years of experience in a major banking institution or regulatory agency out of which 5 years should be in a supervisory role relating to compliance or internal audit.

Required special skills:

• solid experience of working in financial services. AML compliance specific experience preferred

• A strong understanding of the requirements of the money laundering regulations and the joint money laundering steering group guidance

• experience of managing external relationships, with the confidence to approach people at all levels

• strong analytical skills required to organise and analyse multiple, complex data sets

• excellent report writing skills

• knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework and the regulatory environment

• ability to analyze the impact of changes in the relevant regulations on the group’s compliance risk profile pertaining to its domestic operations in so far as AML/ CFT activities are concerned.Anti money laundering system

• in depth knowledge of banking policies/ procedures, regulatory and best practice pronouncements pertaining to AML/ CFT.

• strong microsoft office skills (e.G., word, excel, outlook).

• problem solving and decision making ability.

• strong knowledge of banking systems.

Operating environment/ location:

• located in QNB headquarters with visits to divisional, departmental entities and group approved plan, as and when required.

Framework and boundaries:

• group’s overall strategic plan.

• budgetary/ scorecard targets.

• group AML/CFT policies/ manual, including pertinent KYC guidelines.

• relevant regulatory pronouncements of the local regulators including but not limited to QCB QFMA, QFC, NAMLC, FIU and the relevant pronouncements impacting the group’s domestic operations.

• best practice pronouncements with respect to AML/ CFT.

• group chief compliance officer and instructions of other superiors.Anti money laundering system

• delegated and re-delegated authorities as per the delegation of authority structure.

• group audit compliance committee instructions/ directives.

Communications and working relationships:

• working in relationships with divisional and departmental specialists, senior analyst and analyst and reporting to the head of global AML

• working relationships with relevant local regulators, including but not limited to QCB, NAMLC, FIU and FATF.

Supervisory responsibilities: