Streamer unboxes a $30,000 skin in cs_go and reacts appropriately _ videos u s anti money laundering laws

Streamer unboxes a $30,000 skin in cs_go and reacts appropriately _ videos u s anti money laundering laws


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At the higher levels of valve item trading (CS:GO / TF2 for sure) things reach an obscure level of abstraction.U s anti money laundering laws

In the video he is initially valuing the item with keys which can be bought in localized currencies for a few dollars. Keys can unlock items, so they maintain a certain value, but often people will sell items for a certain number of keys, which gives that item an intrinsic value.

As you go further down the line, certain baseline items start to function as their own currencies. This happened more with TF2 where item limitation was more common, with the prime example being buds which were earbuds only given to mac players. While aesthetically pleasing, they also started to operate as a higher value currency than keys, and were used in trading of more valuable items.

Think of a key as a $1 bill, and the buds as a $10 (or $100) bill.

None of these values are static, and are always based on what a set item would be worth but then you can start to multiply them out to get numbered values for items that you might never (or extremely rarely) actually see sold for these values.U s anti money laundering laws

I don’t know much about CS:GO item valuation anymore, but for example this gun could be considered with a valuation equal to 10 knives, each of which worth 1000 keys. Not an exacting figure, but a means of comparison to establish some kind of basic worth. The skins on guns are determined in a pseudo-random way, and certain designs are valued by traders for aesthetic reasons. This is obviously one of the highest for this gun, and is also a stattrak which tracks kills.

This is also how people are able to make so much money by trading. They can take advantage of the differences in valuations between buyers and sellers, and leverage that into profits per transaction.

It’s a really weird and super-interesting world. Valve hired an economist a few years ago just to get a better understanding of what the hell was going on.

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u s anti money laundering laws

This game, counter-strike, has been around for over 15 years. It’s currently at a peak in popularity (selling out stadium sized events to watch people play). It’s a first person shooter but the dynamics of the game are competitive, it’s 5v5 with specialized roles and objectives, literally not much different than basketball.

While you play the game, you get random drops. These drops are usually mediocre skins (different designs of the same guns) or what is called cases.

Cases can be opened with a key. A key costs like $2.50-$3.

Once you have a key, you can open the case. It effectively rolls a dice and gives you a skin, but the chances that you get a rare cool item is much more slim than getting some generic boring one.

On top of that, the items patterns are random too. Some items are worn with scratches and others are factory new and look in-tact. Some items have what is considered a better pattern to the way the design was placed on it.U s anti money laundering laws it just adds another layer of classification to the shit.

Tl;dr video game textures

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No not at all. You are almost always guaranteed to make a loss opening cases unless you get very lucky.

You get cases for playing the game. If you don’t buy keys then the cases just stay in your inventory, they don’t disappear or anything.

And yes one key opens one case.

If people want a specific skin, it always makes more sense to just outright buy the skin of the market than to spend 2 dollars on a key to open the case in which the weapon is in. But people still do it hoping to get lucky.

The great thing about this is also that it massively boosted the pro scene in two aspects.

First of all because the skins have monetary value, a betting scene has emerged where people bet their ingame skins on the outcome of pro games. This has a massive effect on the viewing numbers of the pro games because people who bet on games are obviously emotionally involved in them and are more likely to watch them.U s anti money laundering laws and because A LOT of people bet on games, pro matches have up to 1.5 million viewers at the biggest tournaments.

And second of all valve shares some of the revenue they make selling skins with the pro players. There are 3 majors a year (basically CSGO’s grand slams). And at every major, valve releases stickers with the team logos and player signatures of the qualified teams and players. Everybody can buy those stickers for a period of 3 weeks or something with 50% of the revenue going to the pro teams. Nowadays players make upwards of 30k just by qualifying for one major. So if someone qualifies for all 3 majors he’s probably making at least 90k in sticker money. And of course that’s excluding salary (which is upwards of 10k a month for the top teams) and tourrnament earnings.

So skins not only boosted the popularity of the game but also made CSGO a very profitable career for the top players.U s anti money laundering laws

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