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Previous review working with this company has been a nightmare for me….3 months into a refinance and I still do… working with this company has been a nightmare for me….3 months into a refinance and I still do not have either my loan or a rejection letter. I have refinanced before and have NEVER had such a bad experience. This company has no customer service skills and could care less about their clients. I can’t for the life of me figure out how they have an A+ rating on BBB??? Or maybe they just don’t care about MY loan because they have plenty of other business. Let me preface my experience by stating that I looked to do a refinance with cash out, I am employed (have been with the same company for 8yrs), I have good income and when they ran my credit my credit score ranged from 761-775.Business brokers south florida

I decided to go with prospect because initially they were responsive and had the best price. However they apparantly have no control over the process. Every time I question the loan officer his response is it’s not us it’s the investor. I started the process on 8/14 and it was supposed to close mid-sept. I can write all of the details because I’m limited on space so:

On 9/23 I receive a request that I need to up my wall to wall insurance coverage by some minimal amount, I sent them an updated certificate on 9/24. At which time I’m also asked to provide the HOA balance sheet and budget. On 9/25, I’m asked to have my HOA fill out a condo questionnaire which I have to pay $100 for AND was going to take a week to get back. I’ve refinanced before and was never asked for a condo questionnaire, not even when I originally purchased the property.Business brokers south florida at this point we are a week past my original quoted closing date and I’m still being asked for documentation that should have been requested up front, in my opinion. The only response I get from my loan officer is that they didn’t know the condo questionnaire was needed until the underwriter reviewed the appraisal, well the appraisal was received on 9/2, that’s over 20 days before the request. I didn’t get the condo certificate back until 10/5 at which point I sent it to my loan officer immediately. On 10/9, still no update; when I reached out to follow up the response was the condo certificate is still in review. At this date, we are two months into the process and on 10/13 I get an email stating that the master insurance policy, which I submitted back in august, has now expired so they have to order a new one.Business brokers south florida again, don’t have any updates until 10/16 when I reach out and learn they are still waiting on the updated insurance certificate. I decide to reach out to the loan officer’s supervisor because the loan officer is obviously not in control of the process. I call the office and get an answering service so I leave a message and do not get a call back, it is a friday so I give them the benefit of the doubt and think they might call me on monday. Monday – no call. Tuesday 10/20, I call back and get the receptionist this time, she tells me both supervisors are unavailable but they will call me back within an hour. I made sure to let her know that I was an unsatisfied customer and just wanted to get in touch with a supervisor. No call back. Called wednesday 10/21, and again left a message with the receptionist who was very apologetic and said she would again ask one of the supervisors to call me back.Business brokers south florida no call back on wednesday either and when I called back around 3pm I got the answering service again even though prospect’s website states they are open until 5pm PST. Finally on thursday 10/22, I called back AGAIN and this time asked to speak to the president, jason vondrak, who of course was not available so I left him a message. Guess what? I finally got a call back from the supervisor. The supervisor basically defended the loan officer and tried to blame my credit dispute (which was for $99 by the way) on the delay! Blame the customer, of course, he did during the course of the conversation admit to not being sure as to why they were using the particular financial company that was underwriting my loan because they had had issues with them or were considering not using them anymore for some reason???Business brokers south florida hmmmm….

Anyhow, the next day 10/23 I emailed the supervisor and asked him for an update. I didn’t receive a response until late 10/26 when he informed me that the condo review team had denied my HOA because the project has insufficient fidelity bond. The fidelity bond must be equal to or greater than 3 months worth of HOA income, currently the bond coverage is $25K and it should be $25,200 ….$200 difference… WHAT A FREAKING JOKE.