Swedish House Mafia - Wikipedia how much housing benefit can a single person claim

Swedish House Mafia – Wikipedia how much housing benefit can a single person claim

In may 2011, swedish house mafia released a new single, save the world, [18] featuring john martin on vocals, the song was a commercial success and charted at number 10 in the UK chart [19] and 4 in sweden. [20] later that year on december 16, they released the track antidote with knife party [21] and their solo effot greyhound on march 12, 2012. [22] their final and most commercially successful track don’t you worry child, [23] also featuring john martin, was released on september 14, 2012 becoming number 1 in australia, [24] sweden, [25] and the UK [26] as well as becoming a top 10 hit in most other countries. That same month on september 17, the group announced the release of a second compilation album titled until now, [27] forming the official soundtrack to one last tour. [28] it contained the four mentioned singles plus the singles from until one anlong with songs and remixes from the individual band members and other djs.How much housing benefit can a single person claim

the album also contained two exclusive swedish house mafia remixes, one of coldplay’s every teardrop is a waterfall, and the other being euphoria by usher. [27] until now was released on october 22, 2012, exactly two years after the release of their first compilation album until one. [29] 2012: concerts and charity endeavour [ edit ] milton keynes bowl [ edit ]

On june 26, 2012, swedish house mafia confirmed they would be playing at the milton keynes national bowl on july 14 along with the likes of calvin harris, alesso, and example — these artists to be the first to perform in the newly renovate grounds. The trio also confirmed that their closing set would be their last ever UK show [30] as no dates were planned for the UK during the group’s one last tour. [31] during their performance, they premiered their new single don’t you worry child to a 60,000 strong crowd at the end of their set, [32] which would eventually become the group’s first and only UK singles chart number 1. [33] footage from the two hour long performance was used in the music video for the song [34] which was uploaded to youtube on september 14 that year and has over 479,000,000 views as of january 2018. [35] phoenix park incident [ edit ]

how much housing benefit can a single person claim

On july 7, 2012, swedish house mafia played for a sold-out crowd in phoenix park, dublin. The concert descended into chaos, with a significant number of random unprovoked attacks at the show, leading to comments from the irish justice minister concerning the very unusual nature of the events. [36] [37] [38] A total of nine people were stabbed. [39] the possibility of multiple attackers was not immediately ruled out. [40] all those attacked were in their teens or twenties. [41] one man was stabbed five times as his girlfriend looked on in horror, receiving wounds to the liver and requiring stitches to his elbow and head. [42] another man was left in a critical condition after being stabbed four times in the back and kidneys. [43] two young men, lee scanlon (20) and shane brophy (21), also died during the concert; the circumstances of their deaths were not immediately clear. [44] brophy, from county laois, was rushed to hospital but died there. [45]

how much housing benefit can a single person claim

“we played a festival in ireland at the weekend and reports of incidents are coming to us. We didn’t see anything but have asked for all the info and are respectful of the promoter’s need to wait and give us all the clear facts. When we know more we will liaise with the festival promoter directly on what we can do to help but for now we have to respect their request to us that we remain quiet and respectful of their event safety processes. The festival itself was amazing and we had no idea this had happened and neither did the other numerous artists who played. Once we know all the facts we will deal with it in the best way we can. Thank you. Swedish house mafia.” [46] [47]

Taoiseach enda kenny was appalled when he learned of the events: absolutely disgraceful, appalling and simply scandalous. [48] kenny also wondered whether it’s in relation to the sort of music that is played there or not, observing that 800,000 people turned up in galway for the volvo finale without any incident and this particular concert in phoenix park was in between two others where there were no incidents at all. [49] another minister, brian hayes, said the incidents were unacceptable […] very serious, it is wrong and we need to find out what went wrong. [49] jim carroll in the irish times wrote, the off-stage events which have dominated the news agenda since the swedish house mafia show […] will forevermore be associated with stabbings and suspected drug deaths rather than the music. [50] also writing in the irish times, brian boyd stated that ‘the comment [that] “the genre of music has a lot to do with it” bears further examination.How much housing benefit can a single person claim swedish house mafia are broadly speaking a “dance culture” act […] and always had a drug component. […] today’s generation – brought up with binge alcohol tendencies – is popping and dropping indiscriminately. And when you mix a rave drug with large quantities of alcohol, it really is time (for the rest of us) to batten down the hatches.’ [51] hurricane sandy relief [ edit ]

On december 11, 2012, swedish house mafia announced that they would throw a black tie rave on february 28, 2013 at the hammerstein ballroom in new york city to benefit hurricane sandy relief, with 100 percent of the net proceeds going to hurricane sandy relief efforts. [52] the proceeds benefited both the mayor’s fund to advance new york city and the hurricane sandy new jersey relief fund. [53] 2012-2013: split up and one last tour [ edit ]