Tata Croma Titanium Card – Classic Cards _ Tata Card mastercard gift card activation

• welcome offers

• get amazing offers and gift vouchers from tata partner outlets and other brands

• 0% fuel surcharge

• tata croma titanium card comes with the unique benefit of fuel surcharge waiver

• use your tata card to buy petrol, diesel, and lubricants at all petrol pumps without paying any fuel surcharge, which otherwise costs 1% of the total cost

• purchase fuel worth rs. 500 to rs. 3,000, every time per transaction, to avail this benefit

• worldwide acceptance

• use your tata titanium card over 24 million outlets across the globe, including 3,25,000 outlets in india

• make payments through your card at all places, accepting mastercard

• credit facility

• tata croma titanium card offers you great flexibility of payment

• plan your outstanding payments with extended credit option

mastercard gift card activation

• you can pay any amount from the minimum amount due to the total outstanding amount due as shown in your monthly statement

• carry forward the unpaid balance at one of the lowest finance charges available

• enjoy enhanced power with add-on cards

• apply for add-on cards for your spouse, parents, children or siblings above the age of 18

• cash on the go

• withdraw cash from over 1 million visa, mastercard atms across the globe

• please check the logo on the front of your card before withdrawing money

• online booking of railway tickets

• with tata premiere card, book your railway tickets online and enjoy home delivery

• follow the given steps for booking railway tickets:

• register at irctc.Co.In: create a user ID and password and log in using the same

mastercard gift card activation

• follow the instructions on IRCTC website and book your tickets

• make payment, using tata card through either of the two payment gateways, which accept all mastercards

Please note that all transactions on irctc.Co.In are governed by terms and conditions of irctc.Co.In

• utility bill payment facility

• with tata croma titanium card, make online payment of your utility bills, comprising electricity, insurance, or telephone

• guaranteed peace of mind

• for any query or concern, please call our 24×7 available tata cards customer help line

If calling from BSNL/MTNL, please call 1800 180 8282,

If calling from any other number, call 39 02 34 56

• our global customer assistance services is available across the world

• balance transfer

• save money while paying your credit card dues

mastercard gift card activation

• transfer the outstanding balance of other credit cards to tata croma titanium card, offering lower rate of interest

• flexipay

• flexipay, our easy installment plan, lets you shop without worrying about payment

• we make it possible for you to repay in easy monthly installments

• enjoy lower rate of interests

• you can choose the flexipay plan suitable to you through a phone call, within 30 days of purchase

• E-statements

• get your monthly statements mailed to your in-box, every month

• no postal delays, lost statements, or fear of late payments

• giving you global access 24/7

*TC apply

• fees

• annual fee (one time): upto rs. 499

• renewal fee (per annum): upto rs. 499

• add-on fee, per annum: nil

• extended credit

• interest free credit period: 20-50 days, only for retail purchases, if previous months outstanding balance is paid in full

mastercard gift card activation

• finance charges #: upto 3.35% p.M. (40.2% p.A.) for unsecured cards; 2.5% p.M. (30% p.A.) for secured cards

• minimum amount due: 5% of total outstanding, with a minimum of rs. 200 + all applicable taxes + EMI (in case of EMI based products)+OVL amount (if any)

• cash advance

• cash advance limit: up to 80% of credit limit, counting to maximum of rs. 15,000 per day for tata croma titanium cards

• free credit period: nil

• finance charges : up to 3.35% per month, accounting to 40.2% per annum, from the date of transaction

• cash advance fees

• SBI and other domestic atms: 2.5% of transaction amount (subject to a minimum of rs. 300)

• international atms: 3% of transaction amount (subject to a minimum of rs. 300)

• other charges and fees

• cash payment fee rs. 100

mastercard gift card activation

• cheque pickup: rs. 90

• payment dishonor fee 2% of payment amount (subject to a minimum of rs. 450)

• statement retrieval: rs. 100 per statement that is more than 2 months old

• charge slip retrieval: rs. 225 per charge slip

• late payment:

• nil for total amount due from rs. 0 to rs. 200

• rs. 100 for total amount due greater than rs. 200 and up to rs. 500

• rs. 400 for total amount due greater than rs. 500 and up to rs. 1,000

• rs. 500 for total amount due greater than rs. 1,000 and up to rs. 10,000

• rs. 750 for total amount due greater than rs. 10,000

• overlimit: 2.5% of over limit amount,(subject to a minimum of rs. 500)

• card replacement: rs. 100

• emergency card replacement actual cost (subject to a minimum of $175) (when abroad)

• foreign currency transaction: conversion mark up – 3.5%

mastercard gift card activation

• cash upgrade fees: rs. 500

• surcharge

• railway tickets through counter: rs. 30 + 2.5% of transaction amount

• railway tickets through irctc.Co.In : 1.8% of transaction amount + all applicable taxes

• petrol and other products or services sold at petrol pumps: 1% fuel surcharge waiver for each transaction between rs. 500 and rs. 3,000, exclusive of applicable taxes, wherever applicable, and all other charges. Maximum surcharge waiver of rs. 100 per month per credit card account

• 1% of transaction amount (min. 10) for transaction amount between rs. 500 to rs. 3,000

• order of payment settlement

• all payments made for a cardholder account will be settled in the order of minimum amount due (which is inclusive of all applicabletaxes + EMI on EMI based products + 5% of total outstanding),fees other charges, interest charges, balance transferoutstanding, purchase outstanding and cash advance

mastercard gift card activation

• things to know

• cheques payable outside clearing the zones are not accepted. We accept payment through local cheques or drafts payable in delhi only.

• all applicable taxs , as applicable on all above fee, interest and charges.

Your continued use of the card will be deemed acceptance of these amendments.

Tata croma titanium card help line numbers:

From BSNL/MTNL numbers 1800 180 8282

From all other numbers 39 02 34 56

All information in this communication is correct as per march 2015 and is subject to change at the discretion of SBICPSL. Tata cards most important terms and conditions are also available at tatacard.Com


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