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Every year millions of americans anxiously await their yearly tax refunds and every year thousands of checks get sent out through the mail. For some taxpayers, waiting around for a check can be more strenuous than having to pay back uncle sam; if so; here is some useful information regarding tax refunds:

• if you mailed in a complete tax return, your refund check will be issued within six weeks of the date it is received. For electronically filed returns, checks are issued within three weeks after the acknowledgement date.

• refunds from amended returns can take up to 12 weeks to be issued after being received. Injured spouse claims may take even longer, depending on the circumstances.

• there are two options available to taxpayers for receiving their federal tax refunds.U s anti money laundering laws refunds can be sent by paper check through the mail or direct deposit (electronic fund transfer) into a savings or checking account.

• as of the 2006 tax year, taxpayers using the direct deposit option can have the total amount of their refund divided into as many as three separate accounts. As an example, a taxpayer can divide their refund as they wish into their checking, savings and retirement account. The minimum amount that can be deposited into each account is $1.00.

• if you plan to divide your tax refund into separate accounts you will need to fill out form 8888, labeled “direct deposit of refund to more than one account,” when choosing their refund option. However, taxpayers filing form 8379 do not have the option of dividing their refunds.

Facts about direct deposit:

• more than half of federal tax refunds are received through direct deposit.U s anti money laundering laws

• direct deposit has been around for 30 years.

• more than 61 million people had their tax refund deposited directly into their bank account in 2007.

• direct deposit can also be used with prepaid accounts.

• using direct deposit can avoid undeliverable checks returned to the post office and the possibility of lost, stolen, or forged checks.

• direct deposit is simple, safe, and convenient.

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