Technical editing services ~ technical proofreading services

Carl Dickson, PropLIBRARY and Capture Planning: "Michael LaRocca has been our editor [since 2006], reviewing dozens of documents, as well as our weekly newsletter. He has kept us from looking stupid countless times. Working with Michael is easy and friction-free. He has been extremely flexible and helped us meet even our most unreasonable deadlines. He has spoiled us."

Nicolás Antonio Jiménez, Senior Editor at Cigar Snob Magazine, Founding Editor at DADE: "Michael has been editing the copy we publish in Cigar Snob Magazine [since 2008]. We keep stupid hours when we’re up against a tight deadline; that, combined with a fully stocked bar just a few steps from our desks (research supplies) means we’re making little mistakes often, but seldom catching them all.

We’ve been able to count on Michael, who’s a pleasure to work with, to keep our magazine’s copy coherent when we are anything but."

Raymond Carlson, Consultant, Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants: "Mr. LaRocca is prompt, easy to work with, flexible, and exceedingly thorough. I found his website after a general search for technical editors and have been very satisfied with his work. The engineering consulting company that I work for has employed his services for the editing of several of our reports and publications and will continue to do so in the future."

Brenda Robinson, First African American female Navy pilot; President of Aviation Camps of the Carolinas Inc.: "Michael continues to save me and my reputation, by making sure what I meant to say is what people actually read. I am so very impressed with his work and his turnaround time is amazing. I don’t send out important documents, emails, or a whole book without going through him first. I am 100% assured that all grammar, punctuation, and spelling is perfect before I send it on as complete. He’s got my business for life."

Michelle Hill, Legacy Builder for Sports Professionals: "I have read books about ghostwriting by professional ghostwriters that were so riddled with typos, it was painful to get through. Once you think your manuscript is perfect, let a proofreader do their magic to it. You’d be surprised what they catch, and you’ll find yourself saying, "How the heck did I miss that?" Professional proofreaders are worth their weight in gold! Mine is Michael LaRocca and he is a gold medalist when it comes to finding the errors that everyone else missed."

Natalia Marshalkina, Lead CRA at Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc.: "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael on several of my academic projects [since 2011] and I’ve always been impressed with the efficiency and the highest quality of his work. My task was (and is) to follow the flow, to express ideas, whereas Michael goes through my sometimes over-complicated "final draft" and makes it just perfect – not only by correcting those inevitable spelling and grammar errors, but also by bringing the meaning to the surface. "Yes, this is exactly what I was trying to say!" – but the language magically became more straightforward and easily understandable for the reader… For anybody trying to create a masterpiece in writing – regardless of the topic or level of complexity – Michael’s editing is a great asset."

Erin Donley, Ghostwriter: Activism, Personal Growth, Leadership Books: "I hired Michael to proofread my book’s manuscript. My emails to him were quickly answered, his pricing was fair, and the speed at which he could whip out those edits was impressive! Typos are the bane of my existence, and I’m psyched to have found an editor with a skilled eye for detail. Knowing Michael is on my team gives me confidence and peace of mind as an author and ghostwriter."

Kellie Hedrick, P.E., Environmental Process Solutions PLLC: "Michael has been instrumental in reviewing proposals and reports that we issue to our clients ensuring that the information we are communicating makes sense. It is always good to have another set of eyes reviewing information. We appreciate the great work that Michael has done for us."

Raquel Eatmon, Business Owner, Author and RE-TV host: "Michael LaRocca has an impeccable skill to make a story or any copy stronger and more fluent. His approach isn’t to change your story but to enhance it. That was my experience while working with Michael on my latest book, Beyond Enough: How to Lead with Your Whole Self (currently on Amazon). Michael’s work ethic is speedy, thorough and smart. Bring more life to your next project, speak with Michael."

Jens Graff, Associate Professor, Censor Secretariat, Ministry of Education, Denmark: "To find Michael LaRocca as a professional editor was a scoop for me when I needed my English cleaned in a more than 300 page English language scientific dissertation in 2008. He did his work within a few days and related to me for best result. Michael was able to perceive the whole manuscript as it was intended and choose a language that was professional, simple, and fresh. I was extremely satisfied with his work and will use him in the future, when I have serious text to publish." [We’ve worked together several times since then, most recently in 2017.]