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It is the violence of groups of people trying to get by force or extortion a political purpose, but sometimes terrorists don´t have an end.

1. Politicians

2. Social

3. Economic

4. Ideological

5. Religious

6. Foreign influence

What is terrorism?

Terrorists generate funds in many ways, and money flows in the formal and informal sectors of the economy. While some terrorist groups finance their activities through the cultivation and trafficking of drugs, terrorists operating in decentralized networks that once raised and moved money through formal channels and otherwise legitimate sources such as private companies and charities are turning to methods that are more difficult to control, as the use of couriers for sending money.

In addition, we can not overlook the fact that certain acts of terrorism require relatively minor funding terrorism low budget.Sars money laundering efforts to suppress the latter should focus on dissuading potential terrorists from choosing terrorism in the first place, as has already been discussed earlier in this report. On the other hand, the established methods to fight against money laundering and terrorist financing could be more effective in the fight against global terrorism networks and financed with money from drug-related activities.



First consequence:

Death, terror, insecurity, panic, consternation and rivers of blood

There are 3 consequences

When the terrorists don´t have an end there would be dealing with psychopaths, people who kill, but that people don´t want to change the political direction or have power.

Factors terrorist violence

United nations organization (UN)

In the early twenty-first century they arose new threats globally. The attacks against the united states of 11 september 2001 highlighted the challenge of international terrorism.Sars money laundering

The organizations of the UN system mobilized immediately in their respective areas of work, to intensify action against terrorism

UN organs associated with…

International civil aviation organization.

International maritime organization.

International atomic energy agency.

Conventions of the united nations general assembly

1. International convention against the taking of hostages

2. Convention on the safety of united nations and associated personnel

3. International convention for the suppression of terrorist bombings

4. International convention for the suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism

5. International convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism

Second consequence:

Revenge, threats, intimidation, dangers and more and more rivers of blood

Third consequence:

Confusion, anarchy, incongruity, inconsistency and chaos

And these three consequences become a cycle, but you can avoid …Sars money laundering


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