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The IRA (irish republican army), trying to keep this simple and broken down into crayon we wont get into the whole RIRA, PIRA,etc. Ireland cares maybe, but the rest of the world doesn’t. Sorry mick’s.

Originally a group that would use bombing s ,killings,shooti ngs,etc ie scarring the hell out of every one in o rd er to “liberate” northern ireland and bring eire and north ireland into one unified country. So using violence to achieve a political end. However now adays the y could be considered (via se in fein) a part of the everyday political process . A lso the UDR (ulster defense reg iment, black and tans, etc could be considered terrorists in the ir drive to keep northern ireland s ep erate f rom eire.

Black september

This is the group who kidnapped and killed isr aeli athletes at the munich oly mpics in order to se cure the release of palestinian prisoners being held by I srael .Layering money laundering definition

this one ended badly for everyone concerned . Also see the PLO ( palestinian liberation organization) that used terrorism to secure the palestinian state. Later the PLO became “legit” and a governing body.

Various U.S. Domestic terror groups– listve rse ha s its own take on domestic terror groups and it will be controversial for man y and i initially I wasn’t going to even mention it but really when one does take a look at the groups they mention these groups would follow the defin ition of terror. I would also have included th e weatherman and SLA, charles ma nson, etc.


I really didn’t want to t ouch this one with a fucking 10 foot pole but a spades a spade. Israel before it became a state employed much of the same kind of terrorist craft that they continually bi tch about the pal es tinians doing to them. Back when it was a group calle d lehi and they considered themselves “free dom fighters” tryi ng to create a state.Layering money laundering definition so they empl oyed violence (bombing , kidnapping,etc) to achieve a polit ical end (statehood) by creati ng a state of terror (against the british in palestine).

There’s been a boatl oad of other terror groups in tons of different countries but this is a blog and not a book.

Islamic terrorism

Well here we go, the cause of the day. A few things we need to understand first though. Is that there a re a f ew ke y differences in islamist groups.

Sunni and shia. In some w ays the diff erences could be described as the dif ference between catholics and protestants in no rthern ireland. For instance al-qaeda is predominately of sunni backg round and NOT welcome in shia ma jority countries. He res a blog which does give some backgrounder in the differen ces (warning that this link is pretty biased against the shia’s)

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layering money laundering definition

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layering money laundering definition

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Layering money laundering definition

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