Thai police arrest Ukranian national for large-scale internet fraud – YouTube process of money laundering

1. Ukrainian man, identified by U-S embassy officials as maksym kovalchuk, suspected of large-scale internet fraud, being led into thai police headquarters by officers

2. Ukrainian suspect is brought into briefing room

3. Close-up of suspect’s hands in cuffs

4. Various shots of man sitting at table

5. Officers and agents sitting in briefing room

6. Suspect being led to sit next to thai police commander

7. Mid shot of suspect sitting with commander

8. FBI agents sitting in briefing room

9. US secret service attache thanking commander

10. Various of suspect and officers in briefing room

11. Close-up of hands of officer flicking through pages of suspect’s passport

12. SOUNDBITE: (english) gehr james, US secret service attache

(I) consider this to be a priority investigation where basically…

Especially on the criminal copyright infringement aspect of it, where counterfeit software (is) being used and distributed not just to businesses and individuals in the US but throughout the world.Process of money laundering once again, what this shows is the cooperation in the investigation as well between all the parties in order to affect the arrest of an individual who has been committing a crime in another country, but affects the US and other countries as well.

13. Close-up of suspect’s hands in cuffs

14. SOUNDBITE: (english) ukrainian, identified by U-S embassy officials as maksym kovalchuk, suspected of internet fraud

I really don’t understand what is going on because I think that they took the wrong person. The internet is very big and I really don’t know what happened. I want to say that I didn’t do anything wrong.

15. Various of suspect being led away by police


A ukrainian man wanted in the united states for conducting large-scale internet fraud and causing millions of (US) dollars in damages has been arrested in thailand .

A U-S embassy spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, identified the suspect as maksym kovalchuk, but a passport obtained by thai authorities identified him as 25-year-old maksym vysochanskyy.Process of money laundering

Thai and U-S authorities said that the suspect was arrested late on tuesday while shopping with his wife in bangkok.

Gehr james, a U-S secret service attache, said police had been following the man for more than two years, and that he had caused more than one-hundred (m) million U-S dollars in losses.

Vysochanskyy is wanted in northern california on charges of criminal copyright infringement, trafficking in counterfeit goods, money laundering, conspiracy to launder money and the possession of unauthorised access devices, according to the U-S embassy spokesman.

He denied the charges and said they had the wrong man.

The united states is expected to file an extradition request with thai authorities, according to the U-S embassy spokesman.

The maximum penalty faced by the suspect if he is found guilty of the charges was not immediately known.

The arrest follows a lengthy investigation by U-S officials.Process of money laundering

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