The best prepaid internet plans in malaysia mastercard gift card number

The best prepaid internet plans in malaysia mastercard gift card number

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Most western countries offer mobile data plans exclusively tied to the smartphone, but over here in asia many users are still using prepaid options, both for calls and for mobile internet. With both connectivity and data usage largely on the increase here in malaysia, local telecommunication providers are increasingly offering prepaid data plans to cater to users who want to browse social media, communicate via over-the-air message-rs like whatsapp and line, as well as do some light internet surfing.

We decided to take a look at what we thought is the best prepaid mobile internet plans being made available by the top local telcos, in a bid to help you, the user, decide if one of these plans will suit your needs better than getting tied up with a pesky contract that many might not want to be bound to, not to mention have the mobility to transfer their prepaid SIM card if so chosen to another device and have the same level of connectivity.Mastercard gift card number

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Recently, maxis has been touting their free mobile internet on hotlink, claiming to provide basic internet that is constantly connected, as opposed to their routine of limiting your internet speed or cutting it off altogether after a time limit. Hotlink has a variety of prepaid data options, some supplying high speed connections like the RM1 for 100MB of data for one day. Maxis also is widely considered to have the most stable network in the country, so even the other plans such as 100MB for RM7 a week seem rather useful, as with moderate usage the hotlink plans might be sufficient.

Throw in 12 sen per 30 seconds of call time and 7 sen per SMS to all networks, and the hotlink plans get more attractive.Mastercard gift card number top it off with the lowest IDD call rates in the country and bonus credit for topping up, and the maxis hotlink plans are some of the best out there.

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Celcom’s xpax prepaid options comes in daily, weekly, and monthly options- priced at RM5, RM15, and RM38, respectively. Also offered “around the clock”, celcom ups their game here by offering the monthly package with 4G LTE speeds, which can also be activated without the need for a celcom bundle.

Xpax members also enjoy low rates, and celcom exclusively offers prepaid plans for the likes of blackberry’s smartphones, such as the blackberry Z10 LTE and blackberry Z30.

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Under pressure from the well-funded competition, digi has started offering extra data quotas for the monthly prepaid options: RM18 for 300MB, or RM30 for 1GB.Mastercard gift card number digi also provides a social messaging plan at just RM5 that is valid for a week, and the lowest rate here for a daily plan at just RM3 for 150MB

DiGi began offering more quota after complaints about the poor quality of its data connection, but it remains to be seen if their ‘unlimited’ surfing and messaging bundles are actually effective.

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UMobile offers a bunch of prepaid plans, all of which tout unlimited mobile internet with high speed connections. If internet specifically is what you’re after, the UMI 28 plan provides 500MB data, 100 minutes of free calls and 30 free smss to the same network at just RM28. Valid for 30 days, umobile’s biggest attraction in this arena is probably the 50MB of free data that is given away.Mastercard gift card number

UMobile’s UMI 38 and UMI 48 boast 250MB and 500MB of free data respectively, with UMI 48 having a quota limit of 2GB.

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