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I think the nation isn’t ready for actual leadership. We have such a large percentage of people who have already been bred down to accept dependency, people who simply don’t have what it takes to manage their own life and think for themselves, that it may be too late for anybody to save the nation. Trump has a multitude of faults- but unlike any president in your lifetime, focuses on getting the job done. That is what will change the future- not promises, lip service, talking issues to death and compromising solutions until they are not solutions at all- just more problems.

Trump, or any person elected to be the head of leadership is NOT supposed to follow his advisers advice- if he did, why do we need a leader?

Those people are there to state their opinions, offer their views and advice- but NOT to make the calls. If you want an obedient puppy that will do what others tell them to, them you need another Shrub- the last Bush in office, who spent a lot of time looking like a deer in the headlights waiting for someone told him what to think and do. That means the real government is behind the curtain and you really have no idea what is going on there.

The democrats are the ones creating the circus, not me. I’m just pointing out the similarity. For example, some years back there was a bill up to construct a border wall- budget, 25 billion, and the problem them was far less than it is now. Pelosi voted for it. Today, Trump wants the wall built, and Pelosi says- hell no. The job of congress is to take care of the needs of the American people- and the future of the nation. It is to help people be strong, not dependent. Pelosi and most of the democratic machine is on a personal vendetta to get justice for losing the election to an outsider they ridiculed. When I see them doing something FOR the nation instead of TO the nation, I will applaud.

In 2010 when Obama took office, the price of gas was $3. In 2015, it was $2.40, the second lowest in ten years. Yesterday I filled up for $1.69. America has just become the top oil producer in the world. Our middle class wages topped $61,000 for the first time ever last year. Unemployment for everyone- including all minorities- is at record lows, and there are more open jobs than there are unemployed. The GDP, the measure of our economic effectiveness, was 4.2 in the second quarter, 3.4 in the third, the latest available. It hasn’t been that strong since the 90’s. PERFORMANCE is what counts, what makes our nation stronger or weaker. you don’t ask for things to get better, you get off your ass and make it happen. When you go to work (and I’m speaking to congress) you don’t turn your job into a personal pissing match- you focus on and do your damn job. IF you don’t, you should be kicked out and on the bus home. Things are better than ever- and it’s damn sure not because of congress, it’s because of dedicated and determined leadership.

Congress is the only branch of government that does not have independent oversight. Nobody can "fire" a member of congress- and yet they are employees of the United States Government. Chosen by voters- but still, employees, whom are responsible for cleaning their own house. IF you read the ethics rules for congress, most of it is BS recital, but within it is a simple 10 point list of ethics that apply to all government employees. EVERY member of congress has violated them- most of them do it every day. These aren’t laws, they are standards of trust and conduct. A measure of congressional character is simply done by looking at how well they honor the ethics rules- for which the only consequence is in the hands of themselves. By a 2/3 vote, ANY member of congress can be immediately removed- at pleasure, for any reason. Given the number of them indicted, convicted, imprisoned and shamed in various ways over the years, one would think that Congress would have removed quite a few. In fact- since the civil war (1865) the congress has exercised that power on TWO occasions. TWO people fired in 183 years. That is the standard of integrity that congress holds itself too. This is why members like Maxine Waters can give a speech screaming that followers should seek out Trump supporters and staff where ever they are- restaurants, public places- and drive them out, telling them, they aren’t wanted here. An honorable congress would have sent her sorry ass packing the next day. That is gross leadership failure, and the public is allowing them to do it.

Regardless of what someone else does- a mature person remains in charge of themselves and is responsible for their own actions. Trump didn’t make Waters into a ranting crazy woman- Waters CHOSE to do that. If you want to criticize Trump for what he does- fine. However, if you blame your own jackass behavior on him because you took offense- YOU are the asshat, and congress is full of them. Such people are also unfit to be a member of congress. They not only embarrass themselves, they degrade us all.

It’s very simple. Anytime you have to force others to agree with your ideology, you are peddling garbage. IF you can’t devise plans that stand on their own, you are peddling garbage. IF you are trying to diminish individual freedoms, trying to bend and distort the constitution, trying to silence opposition speakers, you are peddling garbage.

The only thing that compromises your right to prosper and own property is YOU. That is the reluctance to get off your lazy ass and pay your own way, rather than be a parasite sucking the life from others who have worked and managed wisely, while you whined about how unfair it was to expect anything from you. Opportunity is everywhere, more than ever before- that is what you are entitled to; the opportunity.

IF you believe that load of crap, you DESERVE to live in poverty, and nobody should lift a finger to help you. We are NOT "compelled" to help those who refuse to help themselves- because they have made themselves what they are, and that is worthless. You cannot help such a person. You might keep them from starving or running out of drugs, but you can’t give them self-respect or independence. Those things must be earned, they cannot be given. When you try- you only insure they will continue to fail.

However it is stupid and harmful to offer a hand-out to those who use the kindness of strangers to live off off society like a parasite, and will continue to do so as long as people feel sorry for them and protect them from the consequences of their own sloth. That is NOT compassion, it is enabling the person to remain a parasite indefinitely. I refuse to be a party to the destruction of the human spirit by doing so. Obviously- you don’t agree and think that life should be a free ride. Not on my dime.

IF you had some serious world experience, maybe you would be aware that the people who get the most done are generally unpopular- especially with the people who just want to avoid conflict and settle for less. Perfection doesn’t exist, and Jesus is not in politics. It’s a field that has been saturated with fakes screwing you over while shaking your hand all your life- and while the public often wailed about the screwing, nobody had the guts to buck the entrenched political system. Now, Trump does and is- and sure enough, the weinies all line up to say we want results, but you must tell us what we want to hear and make it painless for everyone.

Trump is entirely fit for the job. Rough edges and bully attitudes are an advantage in a dog-fight, and that is what this is. The frauds that have played the public nice guy while screwing the pooch are popular- but they are indeed the reason we have been screwed and need Trump in the first place. Trump didn’t want to run- it felt that the situation was deteriorating to the point that if someone didn’t change our direction, America was done. I fully agree with that assessment, and I’m not sure if we are in time or not. Nice guys finish last- and weak nice guys do worse. Trump is only a nice guy when his people perform. When they don’t, heads roll. Long overdue.