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Prices for grid connected solar power systems with battery storage will vary a lot because of the range of solar array sizes and the range of battery storage sizes. To give you an idea of what a small system would cost; a 2kw grid connect system with 2.5kW worth of battery storage and battery storage set up components would cost between $13,500 and $15,000 fully installed. Common solar power system sizes

The mostly commonly purchased solar power system in new zealand is a 3kw. The 5kw system sits on the larger side of residential household systems. (for more info on sizes please check out our system sizes page.)

You are free to install as many panels on your roof as you like, limited only by your roof size, your budget and the local lines company restrictions (normally 10kw maximum for residential).

Your goal for installing solar power

how can i apply for housing benefit

When filling out our free quote-request form, you can let the installers know what your goal is when installing the system—if you want to eliminate your power bill, if you want a size that will maximise your ROI, if you have a budget in mind or if you would like to maximise your roof space. That way, installers will know what system size to quote you for and will be able to give you a good idea of the corresponding price. Different roof types will affect the final price

Metal or tin roofs are normally easier to install a system on and use less components, therefore has a lower cost. Tile, bitumen, shingle roofs normally cost more to install solar panels on. If you have a flat roof there will be a cost in tilting the panels up to a higher angle. Other factors that may affect the total price

If you like talking and thinking in watts, the average solar power price per watt is now around $2.00/wp (watt-peak, the maximum electrical power from a solar panel under standard conditions).How can i apply for housing benefit what is the price of solar panels in NZ?

If you are curious about the individual price of a solar panel, one of the many components that makes up a complete system – the price of one standard 200W solar panel is approximately $300. Should I hold off from buying a solar power system?

Because the price of solar power has plummeted dramatically over the last decade, we don’t expect the same drastic price drops in the future. I would recommend that you can expect to see a 3kw solar power system drop no more than $1,000 in price every year (based on current trends). You might be able to buy a solar power system cheaper in a few years time, but the opportunity cost is not saving on power bills over those two years.

The technology for solar power has not had a revolutionary change over the last 10 years, the energy collection concepts are the same, but the technology does tend to get a bit smarter and a bit more efficient over time.How can i apply for housing benefit technologist are improving the efficiency of solar panels every year. This is the efficiency at which the panels convert sunlight into power. According to GTM research conventional panels are likely to improve by approximately 0.3% annually, which isn’t fast by any means. Are there subsidies for solar in NZ?

There are no subsidies or incentives in new zealand for homeowners to install solar power systems. The government did provide subsidies for solar hot water systems for a few years, but that never applied to solar power. How my solar quotes can help you get prices!