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AH! This is where you are getting confused. In the case of fraud, they will go back to the business and as long as a certain number of terminals are EMV ready, then mastercard / visa will assume liability.Mastercard prepaid as of october, you don’t actually need to have your customers use chip and pin. There may be another time in the future where this changes, but as of now, this is how it works!

Taken from the link I posted above.


All U.S. Merchants

Must be set up

To accept chip

Payments by

1 october 2015.


U.S. Merchants are not required to support chip processing. However,

Effective 1 october 2015, the visa global POS counterfeit fraud liability

Shift will be instituted in the U.S. With this liability shift, the party that,

Due to their lack of chip technology, is the cause of a contact EMV chip

Transaction not occurring (i.E., either the issuer or the merchant’s acquirer)

Will be held financially liable for any resulting card-present counterfeit

Fraud losses.Mastercard prepaid

• issuers retain counterfeit fraud-related liability if they do not issue chip


• conversely, acquirers assume counterfeit liability if the magnetic-stripe

Data from a contact chip card is copied and used at a non-contact

Chip terminal.

So, as you can see, if it is counterfeit from a magnetic-stripe from a contact chip card on a contact chip terminal, then liability is in visa / mastercards hands.

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Now all of that’s aside lets address your statement.

The united states is the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. That’s a fact.

Prove it. Where are the facts? I’d argue japan has you beat with that, at least at a consumer level but I’m in no position to state any which way BECAUSE I HAVE NO FACTS.Mastercard prepaid

We also have land lines, because we got landline phones before other countries had any phones.

Good for you. Enjoy comcast.

So we’re going to enjoy apple pay and samsung pay and android pay over here in the united states while you guys tap your cards and beg for more NFC payments on your phones.

You can’t even form a single coherent reason why this is something outside of the USA want. Phone makers are taking a step back, looking at adapting new technology to solve an existing problem because companies refuse to move forward. And you’re all too happy about that? Like I said I couldn’t care less either way and it’s surprising me you get so defensive over something so trivial.

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