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Two excerpts from this article are all important.

First: the de-facto merger between breitbart and the trump campaign represents a landmark achievement for the “alt-right.” A fringe element has effectively taken over the republican party.Anti money laundering meaning

Secondly: “we appear to have taken over the republican party,” one white supremacist said. Duke laughed. There’s still more work to do, he said.

No one should have any illusions about what’s really going on here. The names may have changed. Racists now call themselves “racialists.” white supremacists now call themselves “white nationalists.” the paranoid fringe now calls itself “alt-right.” but the hate burns just as bright.

And so: re-branding hate group names is nothing new or important. What is important is that they are in fact hate groups and that they have in fact taken over the republican party. The republican party has to be voted into oblivion starting with the mid-terms and going through the next presidential election..

If we, as a nation allow these groups to control the government, by controlling the republican party, this country will once again find it’s self in another civil war sometime in the future.Anti money laundering meaning

We have a constitution that declares all people are created equal. These hate groups, along with trump, bannon, and the republican party, stand in opposition to that constitution. I can assure you of one thing, there are enough good people many of whom are veteran’s of war who will not stand by and see a political party destroy our democracy.

That is what we are now facing and what we need to extinguish. You can doubt that, you can say it isn’t so, but in the end, that has become our reality.

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