Thoughts about…stuff vol. 1 – our daily bears

Look, it’s pretty plain to see that there’s never been a coach as great as Kim Mulkey at Baylor in one of the major sports (I say “major” because the other Mulkey, Felecia, has won EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the 8 Acrobatics & Tumbling national championships in the brief history of the sport, but that’s a much smaller pool of schools with 25 teams competing as of 2019) and there never will be again. She’s everything. She is the chosen one. Give her her things.

Your 8th ranked Lady Bears took on the 1st ranked UCONN Huskies earlier this week at the Ferrell Center and handed Geno and the squad their first regular season loss in FOUR YEARS.

UCONN hadn’t lost a regular season game in regulation since their last loss to Baylor in 2013, THAT’S ALMOST SIX YEARS. It was their first double digit loss in just short of SEVEN YEARS. And it was at the hands of Kim Mulkey’s squad. Because of course it was. That’s who we are, because that’s who she is.

She was an All- American point guard, went to 4 straight Final Fours and won 2 national championships at Louisiana Tech. She went to 7 Final Fours and won a championship as an assistant coach at Louisiana Tech. At Baylor she’s won the Big 12 regular season and tournament championships 8 times each, gone to 3 Final Fours, had the first ever 40-0 season in college basketball, and has 2 national championships. She’s the first person to ever win college championships as a player, assistant, and head coach. You know how long people been playing, assistant coaching, and head coaching college basketball? It’s been a long ass time! And nobody did that before she did it. She even has an olympic gold medal as a player. And she’s OUR leader. What????

For the record, I don’t think Matt Rhule is leaving this season and I don’t really understand why NFL teams are interested in him (despite me believing he’s a great leader for Baylor) but I understand why he’d be interested in the NFL. I wouldn’t be mad at him for leaving Baylor to go to the NFL or even to take the head job at Penn State should it open up down the road.

What I would be mad at is if we have to spend another offseason hearing about him tossing his name in the ring for head coaching jobs on account of “not burning bridges” or “building a network” or some other such nonsense. All of that is dumb. If he wants the jobs he should interview for them and if not then he shouldn’t. More importantly than being dumb it’d be harmful to what he’s doing here. 2 years in a row of publicly laying the ground work to leave would be incredibly easy negative recruiting material for our opponents to use. We’ve already had reports of rivals telling recruits crap like “they’re gonna get the death penalty”, which is ridiculous. How much more damaging would credible threats like “Matt Rhule is gonna take the next NFL job that opens up” be?

The national championship game is Monday night and SURPRISE!!!! Alabama and Clemson are playing again. They’re 2 great teams and it oughta be a pretty good game or whatever but come on. How much do you really care about watching all of that game? ESPN isn’t even doing the very cool and fun coach’s film room thing this year and they’re replacing it with the awful Monday Night Football crew.

Instead, you should join me and some other fine folks of Baylor Twitter as we watch and live tweet Avengers: Infinity War instead. That’s right. Infinity War is on Netflix now so at 7pm CT on Monday we’re all gonna fire it up together and live tweet it with some of the Baylor fam. Feel free to join us and use #BTsnaps (get it, cause BT is for Baylor Twitter and we’re snapping because we’re losing it about Alabama and Clemson always playing at the end of the year and in the movie Thanos…yeah you get it!) We did this last season with The Godfather and it was awesome – plus the movie was over in time to see the thrilling conclusion of the game – so now we’re doing it again and if you do something 2 years in a row it’s a tradition. Join the tradition.