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But investigators say the tickets – including the jackpot winner – were stolen from parsley’s liquor store. Marion county prosecutor terry curry announced charges against joseph parsley, his wife ashlee campbell-parsley and his brother jackie parsley II on tuesday.

Investigators say they have surveillance video of ashlee, her 29-year-old husband joseph parsley and joseph’s brother, jackie parsley II, cashing in scratch-off tickets at a nearby marathon gas station in plainfield. Court documents also note the brothers are seen on video celebrating their lottery winnings with a high-five.

Ashlee campbell-parsley told investigators she bought several scratch-off tickets at parsley’s liquor at 8:30 pm on oct. 1, 2014, but investigators say video surveillance doesn’t show that.

Under indiana law, a retailer – or any relative living in the same household as the retailer – may not buy a lottery ticket distributed to the retailer’s sales location.What is money laundering uk no retailer employee or relative in the same household may buy a lottery ticket at the location where the employee works.

The investigation by hoosier lottery security division and the marion county prosecutor’s office grand jury division started in november 2014. That’s when the estate executor for the late owner of parsley’s liquor reported his suspicions to the hoosier lottery. Because the store was in the process of being sold, the license to sell lottery products at the store was not renewed in june 2014. The scratch-off ticket dispensers had been removed, and the lottery terminal was deactivated by the hoosier lottery.

Prosecutors say the estate executor told investigators he heard there had been a winning lottery ticket sold from the business. He discovered that ashlee campbell (joseph parsley’s then-fiancee) had won $2 million in a scratch-off game.What is money laundering uk he told investigators that jackie parsley II, who was the manager of the store, had not told him about the winning ticket being sold and claimed from the packs of tickets owned by parsley’s liquor.

In september, investigators found that a pack of hoosier lottery scratch-off tickets containing one of the game’s top prizes was activated by jackie parsley II at parsley’s liquor on the store’s newly reactivated terminal. They say between sept. 26 and oct. 5, seven tickets from the same pack were redeemed for amounts ranging between $20.00 and $50.00 at other hoosier lottery retailers. On oct. 3, 2014, ashlee campbell redeemed the lottery ticket with the top prize of $2 million. Video surveillance confirmed the timeline of events.

Eyewitness news also learned that the parsleys used part of their winnings to buy and renovate a home on heritage lake in coatsville, indiana.What is money laundering uk

Tom kennedy often wondered how his new neighbors could afford the expensive renovations.

“I knew they were young and had a lot of money to do what they were doing but he told me it was a roofing business,” said kennedy.

Not only have investigators seized the house, but they’ve also confiscated vehicles, along with a new trailer bought with lottery money.

Now, tom kennedy wonders what’s going to happen to his new young neighbors, and the house next door.

“I would like to see them get it fixed up. It was in progress. I was glad about that but I don’t know now,” said kennedy.


Jackie parsley II, ashlee (campbell) parsley and joseph parsley have been charged with corrupt business influence (level 5 felony), false passing of a lottery ticket (level 5 felony), theft (level 5 felony), two counts of theft (class A misdemeanor), four counts of forgery (level 6 felony) and five counts of money laundering (level 6 felony).What is money laundering uk additionally, jackie parsley II is charged with unauthorized purchase of a lottery ticket by a retailer (class A misdemeanor). Ashlee (campbell) parsley is also charged with perjury (level 6 felony) for asserting under oath on the hoosier lottery’s winner claim form that the purchaser of the of the ticket was not prohibited by law from purchasing a lottery ticket. Indiana law prohibits a retailer or employee of the retailer from purchasing lottery tickets at the premises where the retailer is authorized to sell tickets.

Statement from hoosier lottery:

Hoosier lottery chief of staff carrie stroud released the following statement thursday following a press conference by marion county prosecutor terry curry that three individuals were arrested on various charges including theft, fraud and forgery of a hoosier lottery “100X the cash” scratch-off ticket redeemed in october 2014 in indianapolis:

what is money laundering uk

“the hoosier lottery’s security and other team members were gratified to assist law enforcement with this investigation, which is now being taken up by the marion county court system. We will continue supporting authorities as necessary and will let the justice system run its course. Throughout the lottery’s more than 25 years of existence, we have and will continue to update our security procedures to ensure the integrity of the hoosier lottery.”

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