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The DTA phone system may ask you to enter 2 pieces of information: your SSN and year of birth. You do not have to give this information to reach a live worker. You need this to hear a recording with basic information about your case. What if I cannot get through or I have to wait on hold for a long time?

• use the courtesy call back option if offered. When DTA has high call volume, sometimes the assistance line recording will ask if you want a call back. You will need to enter your SSN and a number where DTA can call you back.

• if you sent in documents, tell the worker what you sent and when. Ask the worker to look in the document history in DTA’s computer system to see if they have everything you sent in. For a sample screen shot, see how to tell if DTA has looked at documents you sent in.

• if DTA gets your missing documents within 30 days of when your case closed, DTA should open your case.How can i apply for housing benefit they may not give you all the SNAP benefits you missed if they think the delay was your fault. If that happens, you can appeal this decision. See information below about appealing.

• if you have trouble getting a document, call DTA and ask them to help you by calling the third party or person who has the document. You can send this request in writing by filling out a form asking DTA to contact a third party or person for verification.

• if you do not agree with the supervisor, you can ask to speak with the assistant director or director of that DTA local office. Explain that you spoke with a DTA worker or supervisor already. Go to masslegalservices.Org/dtacontacts for contact information.

• the DTA ombudsman may be able to get your case reopened or explain what’s going on. Call 617-348-5354. Explain what happened in your SNAP case and ask for help fixing it.How can i apply for housing benefit explain that you tried to reach DTA assistance line and that didn’t fix the problem.

• the U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA) may be able to help you. USDA wants people to get the SNAP benefits that they are supposed to get. They want to know if people in massachusetts are having problems with DTA. You can call the USDA regional office in boston: 617-565-6370.

• most state legislators try to help their constituents when they have problems (you are a constituent if you live in the area that the legislator represents). Tell your legislator’s staff what happened in your SNAP case. Explain that you tried to contact DTA directly and that didn’t fix the problem. Call 1-800-392-6090 or check online at www.Wheredoivotema.Com.

• if DTA will not reopen your SNAP case because they say a document is missing, fill out the voluntary consent to release information or the sample form to ask DTA to help you get proof to ask a DTA worker for help getting the missing documents.How can i apply for housing benefit

• after getting your appeal, DTA will send you a letter with the date of the hearing. The hearing can be held in person at the local office or by phone. If you want a phone hearing or have questions about if a hearing was scheduled, call the division of hearings at 617-348-5321.

• the organization will need a permission to access DTA client case information or a similar hand written statement. Be sure they fax it to the DTA document center, 617-887-8765, before they call DTA.