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Report and talk to two people who lost family members on that horrific day back in 1988. Also ahead this morning, the first interview with the boyfriend of a georgia mother missing for more than a week. Douglas davis was actually talking with her on the phone and he says that he heard her scream don’t take me before the phone went dead. This morning he joins us exclusively in our studio for his first interview on the matter. On a much, much lighter note, talk about a talker? On wednesday we asked people to logon to todayshow.Com to voice their opinions about michelle obama’s decision to wear shorts as she got off air force one on a recent family vacation. The response to this question, was it appropriate or inappropriate, was overwhelming. One of our largest ever.Mastercard priceless commercials

we’ll tell you the results a little later on. But let us begin with the severe weather in the midwest. Hurricane bill still out in the atlantic. Al’s over at nbc’s global weather headquarters. Al, good morning to you. >> this is where we do wake up with al every morning at 6:00

United states senate has been, and still is, the hononor ofof myy pubublicc life.Ublic aides close to the senator say that this letter does not mean that any change in his health is imminent, it is just something that has been on his mind. >> still, it obviously says that at a time when he’s got so much to deal with he’s actually also still thinking about the future for massachusetts and for this country. Anne thompson, thank you so much for your reporting. 7:06.Mastercard priceless commercials here’s matt. To another very big story. This morning’s expected release of the only man ever convicted in the deadly bombing of pan am flight 103. 270 people, including 189 americans, died in that attack. Just ahead, we’ll speak to the furious mother and brother of two of those victims. But first, nbc’s dawna friesen is outside the prison in scotland. Dawna, good morning. >> reporter: yes, the scottish government is expected to make the oicial announcement within the next hour or so that convicted mass murderer abdel bassett al megrahi will be

Cynical about it. The most important thing is that, regardless of — i mean i certainly think he should be under hospital care and be given medical treatment — >> you’re not asking for him to suffer in a prison cell. >> absolutely not.Mastercard priceless commercials i think he should be treated — scotland has the best health care in the world, one of the world’s best health care plans so i don’t understand why there is the big push to send him back to libya. I believe his family is in scotland. >> the other thing, too, matt, when i heard in the introduction, he wants to go back or they want him back to be surrounded by his family. We didn’t have that opportunity. The only way we could have surrounded our loved ones was to be up in parachutes at 31,000 feet. The whole thing is insane and ludicrous and the message we are sending is state machine sponsored terrorism is winning, because eventually the united states or united kingdom will give in. >> burt and kathleen, our thanks to you for being here today.Mastercard priceless commercials i know this can’t be easy.

Is syria and that would be a typical place for them to recreate. >> when you hear there are charges or allegations that perhaps they were spying on the behalf of the united states, i mean this is the timing of this, the political unrest in iran, the cia has done stranger things in the past than send young americans in to stir the pot. Are you completely confident you know the entire story here with your own children in. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> no question. >> no chance of that. >> no. >> when you saw the results, bill clinton achieved in north korea, do you sit at home and say, former president clinton, what about us? >> we know the state department is working on our behalf.Mastercard priceless commercials we’ve had outstanding support throughout the country, the united states and throughout the world. So we know our children are being looked after. >> we wish you some luck and some news and some information at the very least. We will sta pted on this story. >> thank you. >> thank you, ladies. Good luck to you. We’re back on a thursday

So far there’s been more than a dozen rocket attacks on polling stations. Senator ted kennedy is looking to the future as he battles brain cancer. The massachusetts democrat sent a letter to state leaders asking that they change state law to alw someone to be quickly appointed to a seat should a vacancy occur. In the letter kennedy does not mention his health and aides say there has been no change in his condition.Mastercard priceless commercials global stocks are higher today after chinese shares posted their biggest rally since march. Cnbc’s erin burnett is at the new york stock exchange. Should we be confident in the rebound? >> that’s a key question. I’m smiling because we have optimism at least for today. It’s been very volatile. We’ll have a little bit of a gain here in the u.S. Of course there was one around the world. Investors though a little bit twisted. Frankly they want a pull-back of up to 10%, culling out the bad and saying it will leave room for a healthier rally. Donned read too much into the gains. One other headline today, the

Found in a suitcase. That sends a real signal to you. What is it? >> absolutely. That’s a big red flag that it’s probably somebody she knows.Mastercard priceless commercials when we find women stuffed in their luggage, it’s something that a serial killer doesn’t usually bother doing. If somebody’s grabbing her off the street, and he kills her, he’s just going to dump her body very quickly. Maybe he’ll use the dumpster but he won’t bother tout her in some luggage. Anybody that does that, one, they want to hide her very, very well so she is not found quickly. Secondly, often it is because they live in an apartment building and they have no other way to get her body out of that building. That usually flags right away it is something she know zplpz we know a little bit about her ex-husband who is now nowhere to be found, ryan jenkins. He was accused of assault on a couple of occasions. Anything stand out in his past that leads you to believe he should be more than a person of interest, in fact a suspect? >> oh, absolutely.Mastercard priceless commercials he has that domestic violence past. I really wish women would check into that so carefully before they get hooked up with these

Show. It will be interesting to see over the weeks how they — if they make peace or how they kind of calm down. >> how much do you think this says about how women interact in housewife situations, these relationships between women? How much does it say something that’s really important about how women need to discuss things with each other. >> i personally think it is kind of a poor example. Only because i know personally myself, when i want to have a conversation, there’s miscommunication or you’ve heard something, let’s sit down and have a conversation. There’s no need to pull my hair or get aggressive. >> they’re pulling your hair? >> yeah. >> we had a hair-pull last week.Mastercard priceless commercials it was deep. >> like who does that? You know? It’s like can we have a conversation? We don’t have to always get along but we can certainly xheern kat hou>> lair loorikksei t’re moved thrnismorning. Ls thank you so much. Can you see the real housewives of atlanta and watch what happens live tonight on bravo. Still ahead this morning, a new list of the most powerful women in the world after your

Business and entertainment, forbes magazine is out today with its annual ranking of the 100 most powerful women in the world. Good news for everybody is that women are taking charge in greater numbers tn ever before. Senior reporter heidi graham is here with details. Good morning. >> hi, thanks for having me on. >> nice to have you here.Mastercard priceless commercials first, talk about the criteria. >> we are looking at two different factors for our list. First is money. How much money a woman oversees, has access to, whether it be the budget of a country or the revenues of a company. Then the other thing is influence, her profile in the media. How many mentions she gets in newspapers, magazines, websites, is she someone that when she speaks the world lizzens to. >> there are a lot of those women on this list. There are nice surprises. Women like the only woman to run a big old company. Also paula reynolds who is in charge of restruuring aig. There are also some names people are really recognize. Oprah winfrey is on here, which that’s no surprise. >> not at all.