Tony Abbott’s address to the National Press Club of Australia can i apply for housing benefit

More than ever, in troubled times, government has to protect our people and stand up for australian values. This government would hardly have taken the political risks it has without the conviction that some change is absolutely unavoidable if our country is to flourish.

To create more jobs and more opportunities for families, we simply have to build a stronger economy. A stronger economy is the foundation of a stronger australia. And if the economy is stronger, everyone’s life is better.

A stronger economy helps everyone who’s doing it tough: parents wrestling with school fees and health costs; small business people anxious to keep their staff; seniors whose superannuation has to fund their retirement; volunteers wondering if they can still afford to serve the community; and young people looking for their first job and their first home.How can i apply for housing benefit

During 2015, our priority will be creating more jobs; easing the pressure on families; building roads; strengthening national security; and promoting more opportunity for all – with a new families policy and a new small business and jobs policy.

Just a few years back, under the howard government, we were quite literally the envy of the world. In 2007, we had a strong and sustainable budget with a $20 billion surplus and $50 billion in the bank.

Our problem is not that taxes are too low; our problem is that government spending is too high. We are writing cheques that our children and grandchildren will have to meet through higher taxes, higher interest rates and poorer services.

That’s right – one thousand million every month to pay labor’s interest bill. That’s a brand-new tertiary hospital that could be built every single month if labor’s interest bill did not have to be paid.How can i apply for housing benefit

So let’s spend the money we have to on the things we really need, and let’s borrow where we must, to invest judiciously in a stronger australia for the future – but let’s stop borrowing just to meet the ordinary expenses of government.

Reducing the deficit means that interest rates will stay lower. Reducing the deficit means that taxes can be cut. Reducing the deficit means more confidence in the economy. And reducing the deficit is the fair thing to do, because it ends the intergenerational theft against our children and grandchildren.

After 10 years of talk, free trade agreements covering more than 50 per cent of our exports – with china, japan and south korea – have been finalised with better markets for australian farmers and lower prices for australian consumers.

And, of course, the illegal boats that just kept coming and coming under the former labor government have all but stopped.How can i apply for housing benefit the abbott government has stopped the boats – and only this government will keep them stopped.

The abbott government has scrapped the carbon tax – and only this government will keep it scrapped. My position on carbon taxes has been crystal clear since day one as party leader. There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.

The police and the security agencies have told me that they need access to telecommunications data to deal with a range of crime, from child abuse to terrorism, and – as far as I am concerned – they should always have the laws, money and support they need to keep australia safe.

And with the world still feeling the global financial crisis, people are anxious about our economic sovereignty. I am a friend of foreign investment but it has to come on our terms and for our benefit. The government will shortly put in place better scrutiny and reporting of foreign purchases of agricultural land and better enforcement of the rules against foreign purchases of existing homes so that young people are not priced out of the market.How can i apply for housing benefit

This year, the government’s budget focus will be on strengthening the economy. Because we have done much of the hard work already, we won’t need to protect the commonwealth budget at the expense of the household budget.

As the intergenerational report will show, more is needed to put the budget on a credible path to a sustainable surplus, but as new zealand has demonstrated, a good way to achieve this is not to make any unnecessary new spending commitments.

I admire stay-at-home mums, as margie was when our children were young, but support better paid parental leave to maximise young people’s – like my daughters’ – choices to have a career and to have a family too.

Women, after all, are our country’s most under-utilised source of skills and entrepreneurship – if female participation in australia were 6 per cent higher, at canada’s level, GDP would be higher by $25 billion a year.How can i apply for housing benefit

I admire people who take risks, have a go and employ others. If you’re a small business owner, it’s likely that you’ve mortgaged your home in order to invest, employ and serve the community. Quite literally, you have put your economic life on the line for others.

Every new worker is generating revenue, so spending to get unemployed people into work; on childcare to keep parents in the workforce; on infrastructure to get people to their jobs; and on a small business tax cut to create jobs will help to get the budget back towards the surplus our country needs.

We will also be inviting constructive debate across the political spectrum on all options for a better tax system to deliver taxes that are lower, simpler and fairer. Unlike previous debates, we won’t pre-empt the outcome by ruling things in or out before the process has properly begun.How can i apply for housing benefit

That means – leaving aside any minor administrative changes – that the base and the rate of the GST won’t change this term or next unless it’s supported by the likes of bill shorten and the labor premiers.

Both white paper processes will be open and constructive: stakeholders will be consulted, submissions will be published, any hearings will be open, and the states will have senior representatives on steering committees.

Sixteen months on, we’ve laid a strong foundation, but there’s more to do and we’re determined to get it done. Our country is at an important economic crossroads. There’s a mess to clean up after six years of labor chaos.

You elected us to set australia up for the long term. You elected us to be an adult government focused on you, not on ourselves. You elected us to make the decisions needed so that everyone who works hard gets ahead, aspiration is rewarded, and our children can look forward to more opportunities than we had.How can i apply for housing benefit

Standing up for australian values is something I have done all my life. Leadership is about making the right decisions for our country’s future. It isn’t a popularity contest. It’s about results; it’s about determination; and it’s about you.