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The next three cs which named were mel, pamela and another guy cs said, hey that’s not what the money is for. Of course I did not believe them because hey I was told I was able to use this money. I asked to speak to supervisor at least 2 doing this process and got hung up on. I was at DD for over 2 hours trying to use paypal but little to no avail did no justice. I called back a 7 time got the cs benjamin. He literally seemed genuine upset about the whole situation. He promptly got the supervisor on the phone. The supervisor which name was monica got on the phone told her what happened with the misleading information that her employees told me about the driving back and forth to DD trying to download the app because apparently I needed the paypal app.Using prepaid mastercard online

It goes back. Same thing didn’t work. Monica said, hey this is what I’m going to do. She reimburse me for my time, the gas I used running back and forth the misleading and information I was giving from the employees but it will not be available for 24 to 72 hours. I of course expressed my concern. She asked would I like to talk to the manager. I sure why not and oh my god the manager got on the phone which her name is brooke and she was very rude. She told me that paypal is not going to reimburse me even though I have ran all over town trying to download the app to use. She pretty much told she did not care about anything I had to say and she also told the transaction I was trying to make even before I talked to her she had already cancelled.Using prepaid mastercard online

I said, what? You’re kidding? So to show your customer how much the is family so you say you declined my transaction and you not going to reimburse me for my time and travel which once again I was at DD for 2 hours messing around with this freaking paypal crap total waste of time. She is very inconsiderate. She not a leader in my eyes because I thought it was all about keeping and making the customer happy which evidently did really care about. I could say more but recommend them is totally out of questions. I think they is a scam. Disgraceful, very rude and I warn everyone to stay away from paypal because they are not who they claim to be.

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Thirty-five minutes later, I finally got to talk to someone, presumably a live person, who sort of spoke english but was very hard to understand.Using prepaid mastercard online the interaction with him took another 35 minutes, most of that with me being put on hold over and over. When I explained the situation to him, he assured me that no such charge had been made to my credit card (this was determined by his putting me on long holds while he did some sort of research presumably). When I assured him that I could see it and the credit card company could see it, he decided to try something different and discovered that I had indeed been charged in the name of paypal.

He claimed there was no way to determine what merchant might have made the charge but then finally came up with a name. That was as far as his research went, and my research on the internet shows that the name he came up with seems to belong to someone in south africa.Using prepaid mastercard online so, having invested 70 minutes of my life so far, I had few answers. After finally being convinced that someone was using paypal in an effort to defraud, he said he was going to transfer me to the resolution center.

It has been 2 1/2 hours since I was supposedly transferred to the resolution center, and I have yet to have proof that it exists. What I have heard on the over three hours since the beginning of this call is a repeated, recorded message about how great paypal is at safeguarding people’s identities. You are 100% protected from unauthorized payments. They are like a safe deposit box for your online financial information. If I file a claim with them, they will look into it, and I can escalate the dispute, etc. This, of course, assumes that I could actually talk to someone to make a claim or dispute.Using prepaid mastercard online for those who are wondering, yes I tried their website. Like their call-in service, it is set up for members. To get to the resolution center online, you must provide your paypal account information.

So, at this point, I am without my credit card until a new one is provided, and I have no reason to believe that anyone at paypal cares about the fact that a large, erroneous charge in their name is posted on my credit card statement. More than three hours of my life are gone with no resolution. I realize that my credit card company will investigate the situation. In the meantime, everyone should look carefully at credit card charges labeled as paypal. They have a terrible system and evidently don’t care whether people are being ripped off by their merchants (which this guy evidently is) or whether they have decent customer service.Using prepaid mastercard online

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I tried to withdraw multiple times without any success. Then I got another email from paypal where my account was being reviewed again without any reason, they asked for private documents concerning important information from myself, the buyer related with the sale of the website and the business; then they decided to close permanently my account and hold my funds for 180 days.

I have previously requested a review/appeal of my case which was denied. Although I still disagree with the decision to deny my appeal I will abide by it however because I feel that holding my funds for 180 days is excessive, and perhaps a punitive abuse of power, besides paypal is operating as a financial institution with power of seizure, without legal authority to do so; paypal is committing felony fraud (possible laundering activities going on as well, since it seems to be widespread and ongoing), but just my own money is $26,000 and paypal is refusing to release funds, not belonging to themselves, which is called grand theft.Using prepaid mastercard online the funds are part of my daily life expenses and during this period of time I haven’t received any income or profit in my bank account which has affected my personal being physically and psychologically since I don’t have enough money to pay my personal expenses.

I called paypal again, sat on hold, was put through to a mgr. That was rude and when I asked if she could wait while I tried what my bank suggested informed I could do that on my own time and not waste hers. I did exactly that and my bank account was confirmed and the payment finally processed after almost a month. In the meantime 2 mgrs. Told me they had been having problems with cdn. Banks since sept. 2017. It seems the TD bank knows more about paypal than paypal does. I have tried to contact them for hours since then regarding the already acknowledged compensation (with a claim put in by a mgr.Using prepaid mastercard online and verified by another mgr. Again paypal employee #s were given) due me for lost revenue (prior to this fiasco and not including added expenses). It is impossible.

I get redirected repeatedly and wind up either back on the home screen if trying to resolve this via internet, or hung up on. I can provide the tracking #’s for the shipment showing the items were received weeks before payment was finally made (again only because TD bank was so helpful). I would be happy to video my attempts to contact paypal via internet and the endless redirects or the phone calls that are redirected and never answered. CBC would have a heyday with this, canadian consumers should be aware of what paypal has become since leaving ebay (easily researched).

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using prepaid mastercard online

PayPal was founded in 1998, and ebay acquired it in 2002. The company now has nearly 200 million active customers, and in 2015 the company hosted approximately 4.9 billion transactions. Customers in more than 200 countries can use the company’s services and hold money in their accounts in 25 different currencies. Consumers can use the service to transfer money to other individuals, pay bills, make online purchases, make donations and obtain financing.

Online payments:

Consumers can use paypal to check out on millions of websites. Those who are uncomfortable putting their credit card information on lots of different sites can pay with paypal, ensuring their information is stored with a single company.


PayPal credit is the company’s financing option, which lets customers have flexible payment options.Using prepaid mastercard online it can be used online, in stores and even to send money to someone else. Availability is subject to credit approval.


Using the paypal app, customers can make purchases in brick-and-mortar stores with their paypal account, send money from their mobile device and check out with paypal when shopping on their device. The app is available for apple, android and microsoft devices.

Recurring payments:

Consumers can use their paypal account to set up recurring payments for subscriptions for a variety of services, including spotify, netflix, angie’s list, match.Com, ancestry.Com and more.


Customers do not pay fees when they make a purchase with their paypal account. When consumers send money to another individual’s paypal account and use money already in their paypal account or in a bank account linked to their paypal account, there is no fee.Using prepaid mastercard online

Best for:

PayPal is best for individuals who want to make payments online with more security and/or transfer money to family and friends.