Top 10 best vacuum for tile floors reviwes 2019 ( jan. updated )

There is a huge variety of cleaning tools available in the market right now ranging from cordless vacs to bagless designs; vacuums come in all shapes and sizes. There are tons of websites that are providing comprehensive buying guides to help the consumers decide which vacuum is best for them. But if you don’t have the time to do the research or want a quick solution; we are going to cover all the basics for you.

The difference between a good, bad or great vacuum comes down to one main feature; it’s suction power. If a vacuum can’t pick up dirt and debris properly than it cannot perform its basic job; it’s no good for anybody.

Vacuum cleaner manufacturers are constantly competing to build a better vacuum than their competitors by introducing designs with superior suction power.

There are thousands of comparison videos available on the internet showing you how one vacuum is superior to others. The presenter usually cleans the same area (carpet or floors) with two different vacuum cleaners to show the viewers how one is better than the other. But buying a vacuum is not a simple decision you cannot go out and just buy any cleaning tool. You need to consider things like what kind of flooring you have in your house, do you need attachments for cleaning furniture and upholstery, whether you want a cordless design or a stick vac?

We are going to focus on the best tile vacuum cleaner and what features make them different from regular vacuums. You may have a variety of tile floors in different rooms of your home such as vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic or linoleum. An ordinary vacuum cleaner will struggle to pick up dirt from these surfaces as they are designed to be used on carpets.

An industry trade publication called Floor Covering News reported that installation of hardwood flooring increased by 6% in 2016 alone. Homeowners are increasingly using hardwood flooring for the construction or renovation of their homes. That is the reason why vacuum manufacturers are including new features in their designs or producing vacuum specifically designed to clean tile floors.

You might be thinking if I go out shopping for a vacuum cleaner for my home; how will I know if it’s the right choice for me? To answer this question, we are going to break this article down into two parts; the first will help to explain what factors to consider before you buy a vacuum and the second will list down the top 10 cleaners for tiles. You can read about each one of them in detail here and then find out more about them on Amazon to decide which one suits your requirements.

The latest vacuums have cordless designs which mean they need to be charged before each use. The battery life varies between different models, but it ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours on average. Some designs use lithium-ion batteries which provide up to 4 hours of cleaning time which is sufficient to cover the whole house twice at minimum.

Most consumers don’t think about this feature until they get home and try to use their vacuum around furniture. Best vacuum for carpet and tile have their wheels built in such a way that allows for swivel steering. You don’t want to buy a vacuum that struggles to turn its head because it will make it really difficult for you to reach corners and get it around the edges.

This design has been introduced recently, and they are different from any other type of vacuum cleaners in the market. They are shaped like the puck in ice hockey but only much bigger. They glide on your floors without you even touching them. They are programmed like robots and use sensors to identify objects in their path. These vacuums can clean up your entire room while you watch TV or talk on the phone. Other Features of best tile vacuum cleaner

Choosing a vacuum on the basis of its filter might not even occur as an important decision to you. But it is one that can change your life especially if you have pets or suffer from allergies. Let us have a look at some of the filters, and they all have something unique to offer. The tile floors vacuum will ideally have two of the following filters in it.

HEPA Filters – This is the best filter is you have asthma or allergies or have pets at home. You can buy a vacuum with this filter even if you don’t have any of these. The HEPA filter is a top-rated filter for capturing even the tiniest of dust particles. They are expensive than the other filters, but when you consider their performance, then the price tag seems fair.

The dust and debris can sink deeply into the carpets making it impossible to clean. And this can become a bigger problem if you have a thick carpet. You will need a vacuum that is built specifically for cleaning carpets. Your best friend for cleaning carpets is either a corded or cordless upright vacuum cleaner which comes with a rotating brush. It will make hard to reach areas, a breeze to clean. Guide to clean Carpets