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Interesting to note, I was paying for ‘free’ service visits on my regular bill, but it occurred to me, if I did not have that service, I would be paying for a service call for them to ‘update the software’. Shouldn’t that be an automatic thing? I found that to be one of the first deceitful things about DIRECTV. Second, even after that, and since then, the on demand for basic cable and network channels is sporadic at best. I usually got the ‘content is not available’ prompt, check back later. It was happening so often, I was never surprised; 3) the price kept going up up up; and 4) failing service due to weather. So when they contacted me a few months ago trying to give me ‘a deal’ – the most they could discount it was $5.00 per month. Yes. Five dollars!!Mastercard e card

I declined and told them I would be stopping the service. I asked them if they would drop it to my original cost, and was told they cannot do that. Well, then they would be losing a customer. Within a week they contacted me again, and said they were going to give me at no charge, HBO and showtime. Fine, I’ll take it until they cancel it. Not a surprise, they started billing me for HBO and showtime… With no permission and notification that this was a charge they were adding to my bill. When I called to let them know, I was told that their records indicated I requested it. I explained I never requested the premium channels I was contacted and told I would get them at no charge. I asked them why would I decline a $5 discount, but add a $40 charge within a week?Mastercard e card

Their site is rarely up and working for online payments, and then you get charged fees when the payment is late. I could not (again) make a payment online, so I called the service phone number and thought I was paying my bill on the phone. The automated service asked for my credit card #, my expiration date, my security code and I thought it was paid. However when I called today to cancel my service, I was told no payment was made. I inquired as to what kind of phone system do they have. I explained it again what I went through, he said check my bank statement he had no record of any payment. Later at the end of the conversation, he happened to mention he could see an attempted payment that was refused. I told him there was a problem on their end, not with my bank.Mastercard e card

I had been paying with this account for 2 years.. And all of a sudden now it does not work? Just another way for DIRECTV to get more late fees and other assorted charges. What a racket! I have never worked with a company as dishonest and greedy as this. The man actually asked then, if there was anything he could do to get me to reconsider. I told him absolutely not. I hate changing companies, and would prefer to stay with one company, but DIRECTV is unethical and dishonest. I would discourage anyone to sign up with DIRECTV regardless of the offer. I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau and the ombudsman’s office. Thank you for checking out my review. I hope it helps anyone looking for honest feedback.

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The day of the move came and the tech without asking downgraded our remotes and the internet that was supposed to be at the same speed was as well downgraded.Mastercard e card after I complained about the remotes, we were provided new remotes at no charged but had to wait for them to be delivered via mail. And as we notice that the internet was extremely slow we called and was told that 10 GB was the only speed they had for our new area as they have to go through cables and they are considering upgraded in the future.

We used to have 25 GB and going down to 10 GB is a BIG difference. We were NEVER told when we requested the move that that was the speed for the area or I would have gone with spectrum. And in to off all, we did get charged for the activation fee of $35.00 because as they told me in the customer retention department the representative that spoke to me to do the agreement, DID NOT WRITE ANYTHING VOIDING THE CHARGE SO THEY WILL NOT DISMISS THE CHARGE.Mastercard e card

It’s VERY sad that we the customers have to just take what powerful companies like directv want to charge us and as we are STUCK with a contract for 12 to 24 months, that we HAVE to agree for the installation of their services can’t do anything about it. Shame on you directv, for sure as soon as my contract is up, I will be getting the services from some other company, and if anybody asks me about this company they are getting an ear full of reasons why they should consider another provider.

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Now I’m told, sorry. That order was only put through for cable and we don’t offer home phone and internet in your area. I immediately ask to speak to supervisor. He then tells me, sorry. The person who sold you this did it for the sale. Puts me on hold and phone hangs up.Mastercard e card from this point on nonstop hanging up every time I’m transferred to a supervisor. At 7:30pm on 1/23/18 is when I gave up for the day. Today 1/24/18 I started calling at 1pm. Hung up on again 5 times. Time 6 I get supervisor zack ** (all he would give me) who tells me, sorry. Nothing we can do. We didn’t sell you anything until equipment is installed and since it wasn’t because we don’t offer them services in your area it’s not considered sale. At this point I’m mad, yelling, and beyond pissed. They took my money!!! They sold me services! They read my terms and conditions! They promised me all these rewards!

Several times I asked him to get audio from the recorded line the so called had proving the whole conversation between me and woman who sold me nonexisting services but he refused.Mastercard e card refused to give me a full name or employee ID #. So I’m out money, frustrated beyond belief, two days of time and hard inquiries on credit report. I THINK NOT! I too was recording all 24 calls and conversations. I promise I will not let this go and I will be contacting BBB, attorney general, all news channels, leaving this review on all sites, and most importantly contacting my lawyer and taking this to court. ANYONE HAVING A ISSUE LIKE THIS PLEASE CONTACT ME (hidden). LET’S SUE THE ** OUTTA THESE THIEVES!

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The service with ATT is so poor that we have to move to different rooms so people can hear our side of the conversation or they will be cutting out as well. I called in complaining about the reception and the rep said my house was directly on the line between 3g and 4g reception, so depending on where we are in the house the phones may or may not work.Mastercard e card why was I told by the original rep I would not have any signal problems for 200 miles? Why was I told my bill would be lower than verizon when it is not? Why was I told I would get a $200 gift card after several weeks when it didnt come?

I was on the phone for several hours yesterday about the gift card, trying to get answers and was shocked to find out they claimed to have sent a confirmation letter back in november but it had already expired as of jan 14th so I was just out of luck. I never received the so called confirmation letter they claim to have sent. This was the last straw for me and I soon realized I had been scamed just like hundreds of others claiming the exact experience on multiple reviews and forums throughout the web. I was in the process of initiating a complaint with the BBB when a chat window appeared asking if I needed help with my ATT account.Mastercard e card I had mentioned that I would like to disconnect service with both ATT and DIRECTV.

I was told by a rep previously, the cancellation charges would be required. I still scheduled a disconnect because of the deceptive sales practices and told them the last thing I wanted to do was reward their deceptive behavior with my business. The chat ended up offering $100 credit on my bill even though I lost $200 on the card scam. I agreed to the $100 credit to avoid cancellation fees, but I still feel violated because of the deception and lies that seem to be the culture of ATT. I feel I need to do my part to warn others before they make a decision based only on the false information the rep may give them.

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