Top 2,375 Reviews and Complaints about SiriusXM Satellite Radio multinational debit card owned by mastercard

I asked why I received a letter telling me I did. She again put me on hold for another 10 minutes at least. In between this time, I call on another phone. I spoke with someone named alice. She told me in 5 minutes that the letter I received was in error, I didn’t have streaming, and she would submit to get me a welcome packet mailed asap. I was still on hold with the other girl – 45 minutes total. When she came back, I told her that I already got the information I asked her 45 minutes ago.

SiriusXM is horrible. After my subscription is up, I will go back to the radio. What a waste of a sunday morning and after all that you would have thought for they aggravation they would have offered a free month or something. They obviously don’t care about their customers and I used to tell people how great it was.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard

I will make sure anyone knows, don’t believe the mail they send and don’t ever call to ask a question unless they want to spend the next 45 minutes sitting on hold while the c/s rep is clueless.

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On another occasion, I tried to transfer my subscription to a rental car that I was using for two weeks. Again, after a very frustrating phone call to try and get this accomplished, I was left even more frustrated with this company because they couldn’t figure out how to transfer to the rental vehicle (even though I provided the radio ID#) and then transfer back to my vehicle after 2 weeks. Since they couldn’t figure this out I said forget it and told them to leave the service to my regular vehicle.

Two weeks later when I returned to my vehicle I found I didn’t have service.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard I again had to call their customer service to get this resolved and guess what another headache! I received emails 4 months in advance stating that my subscription was getting ready to expire. When I would call them to say I had 4 months left they would always try to sell me another subscription and force me to listen to their spiel for an unnecessary amount of time. With all the issues I’ve had with siriusxm I decided not to renew my subscription when it expired. They sent an email saying that my subscription would automatically be renewed and I immediately called and told them to not renew my service and that I no longer wanted to do business with them. You guessed it… Another headache dealing with this company!

My subscription has been expired now for the last 30 days.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard since my expiration siriusxm has called me numerous times from their 800 number… At first. They bothered me enough that I downloaded a blocker to recognize the number they call from and automatically block it. Now they’ve found a way to make it look like I’m getting a call from a local number and guess who it is? SiriusXM! I’ve now blocked these numbers as well and for the past month they’ve been calling me AT LEAST twice per day.

I am extremely frustrated with siriusxm radio, their horrible customer service, and their harassing ways of doing business. No business should treat their customers this way. It’s unacceptable and harassing. Needless to say, siriusxm could offer to give me free service and I would refuse it just so I wouldn’t have to deal with them.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard if you’re thinking about getting service with siriusxm my recommendation would be to not do it. Instead, get yourself an auxiliary cord and an ipod and plug it in and go about your merry way to avoid the headaches of dealing with a company that treats paying customers horribly.

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Sirius takes it upon themselves to charge your credit card! I used to manage a storage company if people wanted to charge their cards each month they had to sign something giving us authorization to do so! I NEVER signed anything allowing them to charge my credit card. WHY send the notices make phone calls telling me the service is going to get shut off, if you’re going to turn around charge the credit card anyways? I talked to 5 different people at sirius NONE could tell me the answer!Multinational debit card owned by mastercard that makes absolutely ZERO sense! I wanted to know how this happened AGAIN! I was assured after the last time, because this happened one other time, I shut the service down for 6 months or so. When I renewed it, I said,”DO NOT CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD WITHOUT ME SAYING IT’S OK.” they supposedly had “made a note of that in my file” but that didn’t get me very far!

This is NOT the correct way to do business at all. For a PUBLICALLY traded company to just charge your credit card is INSANE QUITE BALLSY! They try to say it’s their policy or some nonsense but if that’s the case, shouldn’t they tell people that’s what they do? If you just give them a credit card number, they charge it again when it’s time to renew. There are several instances of this on the internet, where people have said the same exact thing as me!Multinational debit card owned by mastercard so this is an ongoing problem over at sirius satellite radio I don’t think it’s right! They’ll sirius doesn’t seem to care because they keep doing it.

I am writing this because people deserve to know that this company takes advantage of people thinks it is ok to use YOUR credit card without you even knowing. The good news is sirius said they’ll refund me all of my money $218.55. I am sure I will have sirius again one day, but I’ll be using a prepaid credit card just for them. I’ll add money when I need to for my sirius payment because I don’t like what they THINK is acceptable business practices! No other determination can be made because they keep doing the same nonsense without a care in the world!

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