Top 334 Reviews and Complaints about Trane housing benefit explained

Top 334 Reviews and Complaints about Trane housing benefit explained

I bought this house that had two XR14 4-1/2 ton trane split heat pumps that were installed in 2010. The first major issue was april 2017. The coil in the air handler corroded from dissimilar metal corrosion. $3000 later for a trane parent american standard air handler. July 2017 same thing happened. The repair guy put in $400 worth of super seal to get us through so they would not have to replace the other air handler in the attic. Nov 2017 it died. $6500 for an american standard split heat pump replacement. Jan 2018 the original trane condensing unit GE ECM condensing fan motor failed is been warm so researching why trane would use a variable speed motor in an application where the whole unit is a single speed and the condensing fan runs at single speed.

I called trane and reported this issue after the 2nd coil failure, surprisingly the customer service guy named alex offered me $67 to help me pay the repair.Housing benefit explained I was amused!!! $67 to help pay the fix?! I felt kind of he was trying to close the case using a small quick amount of money to zip my mouth. Honestly speaking, I am a busy single mom, don’t have interest and time to make money in this way. I never thought of the reimbursement until one of CS reps mentioned it. More important, I just wanted an explanation and apology, cause we stayed in FL’s coldest winter time without heating for a week, and suffered another hot week in FL summer without cooling, within 5 months apart!!! This was really frustrating! More frustrating is because this unit is TRANE, a 5500 bucks durable product!

After the explanation with alex, he doubled the reimbursement to USD 114, then I mentioned the first time coil failure, he doubled the amount again!!! I was totally confused again! I asked what’s their reimbursement standard.Housing benefit explained he said they didn’t even have it! So I requested to talk to his supervisor. The lady named sylvia ** called me back a couple of days later, and blamed me I didn’t do maintenance job before. I had another leaking fix for this AC unit in 2014, paid 75 bucks to repair it. It might make sense so I decided to took the responsibility for the first coil leaking failure in jan 2017.

However she still couldn’t explain the second coil failure, continued to blame me it’s my fault. She did not apologize, instead denied this is a defective product and argued the product had no problem, even after she talked to my installer, who has 30 years AC experience and addressed the defect issue. The lady was rude, lacked CS skills. She refused to give me an apology from the beginning, really made me concerned TRANE’s customer service.Housing benefit explained I requested her supervisor’s contact, she argued she had not, the letter if I wrote, would come to her any way! If I didn’t agree on the offer, she would withdraw the offer and close my case!!! What a threatening CS rep!!! Anyway, I had no choice and accepted their USD 217 offer, however I would not trust TRANE, claimed to be the most RELIABLE AMERICAN product any more!!!

While redoing my old ac system with freon with a trane unit and all new lines for more comfort and convenience as my old unit was 15 years old no problems but freon was hard to come by put in a trane system. Thank god I got a warranty plan through the company that installed it. This trane as all the other reviews is junk. I have had to have service out for many different parts 20 times. No joke. I have paid nothing due to my service contract.Housing benefit explained this is the worst unit I have ever seen. If there was a lemon law for this unit it would have been gone 3 months after install. Do not buy this trane. Cannot even get out of the station. Junk. Stay away.