Top 4,848 Reviews and Complaints about Chase Credit Cards multinational debit card owned by mastercard

When you call you have to go through an army of front-line specialists who give you the usual canned we care about you as a customer schtick but have no authority to actually do anything about an issue like this, so I asked to speak with her manager. I talked to a very terse and matter of fact guy and told him I didn’t think it was fair to have my interests rates raised 50% when I was a longtime 25-year card holder with zero issues with holding up my end of the contract. He said that rates were being changed to fall in line with current interest rates and that they would not lower them. I told him that was not correct since my other chase card’s interest rate is 4.5%. His response was well we might change that one too. I told him he could close the account and he said well sorry you feel that way but I’ll have to honor your request.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard

I told him I didn’t see how it benefitted chase to raise interest rates if it meant losing a customer altogether. He said nothing.

Wrote an email the next day to their customer service, and got a short canned reply back – I see you’ve already closed your account, thanks for being a chase customer, etc. These people put up a front as if they care and value customers, but have ZERO loyalty. I am really frustrated and disappointed, and expected a lot better. It’s all about the bottom dollar to them in the long run, and there is no reward for managing your finances responsibly. I promptly opened another credit card account online with another bank at a lower interest rate, and got approved in about 30 seconds. I guess my business doesn’t really matter to chase at all.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard

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I called customer service to ask about the charges. I was told that if I had called the customer service line then I would have been made aware of the additional charges. I reiterated that because I did it online to save everyone’s time, I was not made aware of the interest charge. I compromised with the customer service agent that I am willing to pay the interest charge, but want the late fees reversed. Naturally, the agent helping me had to contact someone else. The second agent stated they could only reverse one of the late fees.

After thinking about it, I called again and told them to cancel my card. Again, I was transferred to another agent. I spoke to the women about why I was cancelling my card and she could only say she was sorry to hear that.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard out of frustration I stated, it speaks volumes to me that a 9-year account holder is not as important to this company as a measly $15 late fee. You guys are not willing to try and work with me to save this account. This reinforces my decision to cancel my card with chase services because they value the money more than they do customer loyalty. Again, the response was a sorry, is there anything more I can do for you? Big business needs to be reminded that it’s the little people who made them big!

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Received a letter a week or so later confirming they reviewed charges and reversed. I sell one item for a fraction of the cost, donate 20% to charity, lose the other item in a sale on ebay to a hacker because only hackers buy this stuff. 2 MONTHS LATER a crazy fraud department investigator calls me out of the blue and tells me she took over the case (it’s open?) and she discovered I had signed for the items.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard ummm yeah, I told YOU that 2 months ago when I called.

Well you need to return the items to the seller. WHAT? You told me to keep it. WHO told you to keep it? The person I talked to that day in the fraud department. I’m sure there’s a recording. Well there’s no notes in your file and I don’t know who you talked to. It probably wasnt one of us. One of us? Who? Chase? I didnt call a random number. We are going to have to reverse bill you for these items. You call me 2 months later out of the blue and tell me this? After I’ve already gotten rid of the items?

Long story short. Chase is evil corporation that is sticking it to a 20 year customer for their own procedural mistakes. They have a recording of my call, this woman refuses to investigate it.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard she closed the case, just added 10K to my already maxed out 25K balance. My credit is ruined and I have to get a lawyer. GO TO HELL CHASE. I’m not backing down.

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Chase is the U.S. Consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of J.P. Morgan, which is a leading global financial services firm with assets worth $2.6 trillion. Chase has more than 5,300 branches and 15,500 atms. Cardholders can also bank online via mobile phones. The chase brand is used for credit cards.

No-transfer-fee balance transfer card:

The chase slate card is one of the few cards on the market that waives this fee. But the fee is only waived for consumers who transfer their balances within the first 60 days of opening an account. After 60 days has passed, the fee is 3 percent.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard there’s also no annual fee on this card.

Sign-up bonuses:

Chase credit cards often have generous sign-up bonuses, but there’s usually a spending requirement to meet within a certain amount of time, which is usually around three months.


Chase offers a variety of rewards on many cards, including cash-back cards on everyday expenses, such as groceries and gas, travel rewards points, airline miles and more. Some cards offer extra points or cash back in specific categories. Each card has its own rules for rewards (for example, spending caps on bonus categories) so be sure you read the credit card agreement and the rewards program details very carefully. Also look at the redemption options to determine if the card is a good fit.

Ink-brand business credit cards:

multinational debit card owned by mastercard

Chase’s ink-brand business cards are popular and offer a variety of rewards for small business owners.

Excellent benefits and cost-saving features:

A few chase cards waive foreign transaction fees and some baggage fees. On some cards, you’ll find anniversary bonuses, airport lounge passes or memberships, 24/7 concierge services, 1:1 point transfer to popular frequent travel programs and more. Keep in mind that great perks usually come with annual fees. Chase also offers customers the opportunity to view their FICO scores online.


Chase is the number one credit card issuer in the united states based on loans outstanding. Also, chase is number two in mortgages. For three years in a row, chase has been the number one small business association lender to women-and-minority-owned small businesses.Multinational debit card owned by mastercard

Best for:

Small business owners and those who have good-to-excellent credit. Those who have credit card debt, but still have good credit, could be helped by the chase slate balance transfer card.