Trump administration waives punishment for convicted banks, including deutsche — which trump owes millions _ politics what is money laundering definition

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Prosecutors have wide latitude about which cases to try, and when to settle. In some cases, they settle with banks because they dont have a slam dunk case against them. In other cases, they drop the case because its politically motivated.

At this point, it looks fishy as hell. But its theoretically possible that its being dropped because they dont have much of a case.

Elizabeth warren believes that bankers need to go to prison to serve as a warning to those who might stray from the regulations. I believe that has some effect, but studies have shown the risk of getting caught is a bigger deterrent than the punishment itself.What is money laundering definition in which case, we need to fund the IRS about double so they can go after these fuckers even harder.

EDIT: for those who want to read up more on punishment as deterrent, the link below is a good start. Basically, the idea is that all criminals tend to be the instant gratification types, which means by definition they dont think about the future nearly as much as the general population. So whereas the fear of going to prison forever keeps mostly law-abiding people lawful, it does nothing to stop most criminals. The fear of getting caught, however, is an effective deterrent for everyone:


The disconnect here is that the laws are written by mostly law abiding people (usually), who use their own experience to say harsh sentences work. But if you look at the data — or for that matter, interview any crook — you’ll find they dont think that far ahead.What is money laundering definition if they did, they wouldn’t be criminals in the first place.

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This is why presidents have to divest themselves of private financial ties. Down in the middle of the article it says obama also granted waivers to these banks.

In late 2016, the obama administration extended temporary one-year waivers to five banks — citigroup, jpmorgan, barclays, UBS and deutsche bank. Late last month, the trump administration issued new, longer waivers for those same banks, granting citigroup, jpmorgan, and barclays five-year exemptions. UBS and deutsche bank received 3-year exemptions.

But the difference is there’s no suspicion of obama being indebted to the banks. Thus everyone files it under the garden variety pay-for-play deal in washington where politicians do favors for corporations in return for political gains but not personal gains (i.E.What is money laundering definition campaign contributions and not bribes). But with trump, everything is suspect because we don’t know who he owes money to and how much he owes. If trump buys a burger from joe’s burger, we’re going to wonder if he a) owns shares in joe’s burger or b) joe’s burger is a russian front for money laundering. This is what even the mere appearance of impropriety does to confidence in a person.

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