Two years on, no action on Mara’s Australian property scandal anti money laundering and counter terrorism

LETTER | since the age reported the story of majlis amanah rakyat (mara) being embroiled in allegations of corrupt practices and money laundering in relation to australian real property, and subsequent raids conducted by the australia federal police, it seems that nothing has been done to bring the wrongdoers to account for their white collar crimes and money laundering activities.

To recap this alleged scheme, we have produced a flowchart to illustrate the complex money trails and corrupt practices employed in relation to one of the four properties related to this alleged scheme.

The age and the sydney morning herald also reported the story about the westpac banker, a michael knight who had approved the questionable loans allegedly under duress and when investigated and convicted, ‘only’ received a light sentence.

The mara fiasco has seemingly reached a conclusion with no real result and nobody has been brought to account.Anti money laundering and counter terrorism the silence by the australian authorities are deafening and the hypocrisy is indeed blinding. The whole supply chain of laundering money has been seemingly absolved of liability. The australian banks get off, the givers and receivers of the kickbacks get off, and the legal and financial professionals who purportedly schemed this deal together and facilitated this transaction, get off.

Based on a series of reports from the local and international press, we note the following crucial occurrence – a serious wrong had been done, money had been laundered in melbourne, malaysian public funds had been misused; australian federal and state tax authorities had been taken for a ride.

Also, innocent australian builders have been made bankrupt and forced out of business, a crime took place within australian jurisdiction; evidence on oath was given in australian courts as well as malaysian courts, that kickbacks were given and received, accounts had been cooked and yet the perpetrators are yet to be charged, let alone convicted.Anti money laundering and counter terrorism

Based on the above events – the questions we want to ask our lawmakers and public officials are – what makes these people invincible and why are they immune from the reach of the law in australia and malaysia?

The whole supply chain pertaining to this deal is questionable and yet there is absolute silence.

MP rafizi ramli had been sued for defamation for exposing this financial scandal and its related transaction in malaysia, fortunately, the independent malaysian courts decided there was no defamation in oct 2016.

Malaysia’s the star, on apr 20, 2017, reported that despite the request being made by the MACC to the australian attorney-general pertaining to documents relating to money laundering investigation, delays were faced in getting assistance or a response from the australian attorney-general department.

It seems that the while the authorities are playing ‘footsie’ with the investigation, it is very likely that the money laundered is being dissipated, evidence being lost, and crucial witnesses going missing.Anti money laundering and counter terrorism one can only wonder how this can happen in utopia – ‘the most liveable city in the world’.

Saya anak bangsa malaysia (SABM) continues to monitor the mara fiasco from melbourne.

SAYA ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA is a malaysian community group in melbourne, australia.

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