Um Sonho de Liberdade (1994) - Frequently Asked Questions - IMDb u s anti money laundering laws

Um Sonho de Liberdade (1994) – Frequently Asked Questions – IMDb u s anti money laundering laws

Some people think that andy leaving the tin with the money, and postcard telling red where to find andy was a bit risky because leaving it there for years, it could either be stumbled upon, or the area could have been urbanized and it would have been destroyed—the latter was a very real concern of andy’s in the novella. First, andy obviously put it there after he escaped, not before he went to prison (how else would a note for red be there?). After andy escapes, some time passes and red goes for his 40-year parole hearing, upon which he is released. Andy was in prison for 19 years. So only a year or so had passed before red got paroled and probably only a couple weeks before he decided to find andy, which isn’t too risky overall. Andy is very careful with the postcard and the note.

The postcard has no message or signature, just the fort hancock postmark.U s anti money laundering laws the letter with the money is to red (not ellis boyd redding) from andy (with no last name). It does not mention prison, escapes, the name of the mexican town (or mexico at all) or that red knows how to get things. It does discuss coming this far, a man of your abilities, my project, and how hope is a good thing. It’s a much safer way of getting red down to mexico than sending money or a check (way too traceable) in the mail, if andy could have located red once he was paroled. Since he was serving two life sentences for a double murder, andy would be subject to extradition back to the states if he were caught. Andy could certainly afford to lose the money if someone else found it or it was destroyed; it was worth that small risk to help red.

Very much so. A few minor changes were made to tighten up the story but it mostly stays very faithful to the source.U s anti money laundering laws some notable changes: (1) andy serves a total of 27 years instead of 19; (2) andy is not a tall, thin man like tim robbins, but is actually short and thin. However, he’s still very intelligent and crafty like the andy of the movie; (3) red is not an middle-aged african american man, but a middle-aged irishman with graying red hair (hence the nickname); (4) during andy’s incarceration, the prison is overseen by at least 3 different wardens, all with different personalities and motives. The last one in the novella is norton (his 1st name is samuel), who is the pious man played by actor bob gunton in the movie. The norton in the film is a composite character of the other wardens, a way to tighten the story up; (5) in the book, tommy is not murdered by hadley on orders from the warden. Norton instead offers tommy a chance to be transferred to a minimum security prison with more privileges (furloughs with his wife, increased visitation, etc) in another part of maine if he keeps quiet about the evidence that could clear andy’s name.U s anti money laundering laws tommy’s story is also slightly different in the book—he relates that blatch told him the double murder was pinned on a lawyer rather than a banker, and andy latches onto it with the thinking that the two professions were often confused for one another (in those days); (6) brooks hatlen’s post-incarceration story is not in the original novella. More of post-prison life is told by red himself after he’s released. Having brooks tell the story in the movie probably lent more drama to the script; (7) in the book, red’s search for the proper hayfield where andy left his package is a fairly substantial piece of the plot. In the film, red simply goes directly to the correct hayfield. Also, the book leaves it ambiguous whether red in fact meets andy in mexico. The film originally did too. The scene of red meeting andy on the beach as he sands a boat was added after the first cut of the film was shown to focus groups, who wanted a happier ending. (8) the book gives us more of the history of shawshank, including red’s accounts of several other escape attempts, including a successful one where an inmate walked out the front gate while working on the prison’s baseball field.U s anti money laundering laws

The most likely explanation based on the storyline is that andy, having escaped from shawshank just the night before and not knowing the extent or progress of any efforts to find him and return him to prison, prioritized completing all local business as quickly as possible, especially the most public tasks (he could save for later things like planting the note and money for red in the agreed upon location), in order to maximize his chances of making it out of new england and onward to texas and then mexico, where he could live essentially free of the risk and fear of being recaptured by authorities. At that point in the story, andy was already in the middle of decisively playing his extremely risky hand, and he added no additional risk by leaving the package in the hands of the bankers, who would certainly remember him and his visit regardless of that choice, whereas even taking the time to go to a post office would have added precious minutes to his public appearances in the area and exposed him to more people.U s anti money laundering laws the filmmakers’ goal of efficient and thorough storytelling provides several more probable explanations, the most straightforward being that the choice allows viewers to see the mailing explicitly by adding only a few seconds to the bank scene. To accomplish that same storytelling goal, another means, such as a trip to the post office, would have likely required a whole extra scene that might have unnecessarily broken up the flow of the movie in a crucial phase of its story and certainly would have added run-time to the film, as well as an additional shooting location, perhaps more actors, time, cost, etc. To the film’s production. Andy’s decision to allow the bank to handle the mailing, perhaps unplanned and prompted only by the female bank employee’s asking him politely whether they could do anything else for him, gave the filmmakers an opportunity not only to show the mailing itself but also to highlight, through the casual and gentle attitude he displays, andy’s confidence and aura of tranquility, remarkable (but not too surprising at this point of the film, coming from andy) given the perilous nature and the extremely high stakes of his situation, not just for him personally but also for countless others and perhaps even for society as a whole.U s anti money laundering laws the brief exchange also emphasizes the dramatic shift of power almost two decades in the making that andy had finally, dramatically brought about and was, at that moment, pointedly experiencing for himself, having broken away from the cruel and domineering rule of shawshank and warden norton and finding himself no longer society’s prisoner and norton’s slave but instead the deeply respected and important customer of norton’s bank and, more importantly, the recipient of norton’s tainted fortune and the server of proper justice regarding the ironic criminal activities of his former prison. Another good point would be that any mail received from a bank or any mail being sent out from the bank would be given preferred and guaranteed treatment by all involved. A bank back then was a revered institution and the reporter upon examination of the source would be very intrigued and accepting of this source…U s anti money laundering laws