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money laundering high risk geographies are

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LOL… I believe this wave caught a ‘good’ cheat.

I’ve been playing with a guy i recently met and was suspicious if he was cheating or just amazing. His kills never looked fishy but i always thought he was overly confident in the spots he decided to check and not check.

As soon as i saw this thread i looked at his profile and he just got vac..Money laundering high risk geographies are i sent him lol and got this in return..

Lol yea, overwatch became a vac. GG 2000+ hours over my accounts.. But vac support said they’re reviewing my claim

Edit… Just checked my csgo and even though i won atleast 10+ games with him i didn’t get any of my wins taken away or even a notification saying someone i played with got banned?

Edit #2… I’m finding so many people who hacked but barely looked like it. I played a game with this guy and he was bitching the ENTIRE TIME about the other team hacking and here you go (notice his description)… Http://imgur.Com/a/oaufe

And if anyone cares to see how toxic some of these overly confident cheaters can be.. Here’s a twitch video of our game from LAST NIGHT… The twitch user is on the other team. (i’m on the cheaters team)


Another edit.. It’s great that some cheats are caught but valve still has a lot of work to do 🙁 http://imgur.Com/a/xjw2e

money laundering high risk geographies are

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Thats what people dont realise when they say not a hacker just a better player then me, git gud, I dont meet much hackers. How do you know when and what a hacker is hacking? I played months with a guy who was in my team.

He was a great pistoler, would often win pistols rounds with him getting a 3k securing us 6 almost free rounds(huge advantage, rounds+economy built up). He was also the IGL making good calls and mid round rotations. In the end he got caught, but playing for 3 months with him and none of us suspected him, he brushed his pistols skills off lots of pistol DM and his great calling on the fact he watches lots of pro games. But what was the truth? He only toggled on pistol rounds and had radar hacks. I would NEVER know if he didnt get VAC and told us about it after it happened. The BEST hackers aren’t the obvious ones, they are the ones who have decent skill and know when they need that extra few % boost in aim to win certain rounds.Money laundering high risk geographies are

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Just overall, there’s no point getting hung up on whether a slightly suspicious player is actually hacking. Even to yourself. Just focus on your play. Because even if you have a tiny chance of winning, it involves you playing well, not you doubting and overthinking everything (not that you do in-game, I don’t know you).

You’re right, it is hard to tell who is actually hacking or not. 6 free rounds is indeed a heavy advantage, and cheaters are out there. But there’s just no point in getting hung up on that; you’ll only get more tilted. Not saying you do this either, but the worst are the players who just immediately call hacks, believe it 100%, then either throw the game, start whining after every death, or both. That’s straight up toxic.

I know that there are extremely careful hackers out there that are hard to catch and probably don’t seem very fishy, and we may never know that they hack.Money laundering high risk geographies are I also believe some pro players out there could easily hack or have hacked or still hack. But focusing on these guys and in general being alarmist about hackers just perpetuates this myth that the game is infested with hackers, and it gives the toxic players an excuse for their poor gameplay.

Like I agree with you. They’re out there. But probably 90% of the hacks called at DMG-LE just aren’t true. Even you or I have probably been called out like one out of every 10-20 games. And letting players believe that the game is infested with hackers 1. Discredits better legit players, and, way more importantly, 2. Gives weaker players an easy excuse for their own shortcomings.

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That’s just the big issue right now in csgo. There’s so many weird things happening even in pro player scenes. Remember when almost every pro thought flusha was hacking?Money laundering high risk geographies are or now the suspects on subroza who’s deleting all his vods and moving items right now. Or what about MK suddenly disbanding after fishy clips of spyleader showing up, people realising dreamer has a vac ban. Or how about a hacker team managing to beat pro team WFX in faceit with blatant hacks at such level? Or do I need to mention that some lithuania players got a vac just some time ago and after playing in TWC(a big tournament too against good players…). Northern arena where players could have their phones, not wear headsets and not be punished. Hacks on phone, possible. Starladder where players had internet access on their computers, surely possible to hack if you make that easy…

These are not mm level things but actually high level, top 50 best teams in the world competing in the lans I mentioned or teams, with huge prizepools. I’m not saying they all hack but in a competetive environment and money on the line I would definitely see someone trying to pull it off and it’s disgusting that’s it’s possible to go this far with hacks or potentially hacking.Money laundering high risk geographies are

Even some time ago a rng player, semphis and some others told how easy it was to hack on lans. They were able to bring whatever they wanted for a big lan qualifier.

Just the state of csgo. If I were a hacker pro player I would definitely be able to get away with a decent cheat. Not saying again everyone hacks but the opportunity is there unfortunately.

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Untrusted bans are basically a server sided anticheat that bans you very, very quickly for impossible actions, it doesn’t ban for behavior like overwatch, but very specific actions like using a hack for upside down view by setting viewangles beyond what you can normally set, or send certain data to eliminate recoil. Basically there used to be a hack which gave you 100% accuracy serverside, or infinite health, etc. Normally you can’t mess with these values, but certain hacks used to let you do stuff like that or force SV CHEATS to 1, etc.Money laundering high risk geographies are

Untrusted bans are when whatever this mysterious server side anti cheat that is not vac detects those types of actions. As I said it bans very, very fast, often within a couple rounds.

I guess some major cheat provider is now being detected by the untrusted detection system, hence the MAJOR spike in untrusted bans.

Basically, overwatch is like going to court for unsportsmanlike behavior, V.A.C. Is like a bouncer at a bar, you got files on da blacklist running? Banned, and don’t come back!

Untrusted is like a firewall of sorts. It detects you fucking with the server, injecting stuff, sending fake data to teleport, eliminate all recoil and spread, etc. You get banned very fast.

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