Usps registered mail, cost, delivery time, receipt, etc.

If you want to know what is Registered Mail, then let us tell you that Registered Mail is the critical mail service offered by the United States Postal Service for its valuable customers. This service is dedicated to the people who need to send extremely confidential and safe packages. People can send notice, business documents and any other confidential letter through this service. The records related to your mail are preserved and will not be provided to the customer without filing a claim.

Customers trust this service for sending extremely confidential packages. In general, USPS offers secured custody from the pickup point to drop off point including all transit points.

As you know, shipping a package involves several processes and transit points, and USPS offers flawless service. Your package will be tracked from the pickup point till the delivery. However, considering the confidentiality of the package, you can send them via Registered Mail service as it provides additional security. The best part of this service is, your mail will be insured up to $25,000 in case of loss, theft or damage to the package. For highly secured packages the insured amount can be $50,000. Sending Registered Mail:

From the above passage, you would have a clear understanding of the Registered Mail and why it is important to send the confidential letters through this service. Now, this header will explain how to send Registered Mail. Undoubtedly, Registered Mail is the best way to send critical letters as they offer excellent safety. Now you will know about the process of sending a Registered letter or mail. Visiting post office is mandatory to send a Registered Mail. Due to the confidentiality of the mail, the postal service has framed stringent condition, so it requires proof of mailing. Here are some conditions to send a Registered Mail:

Registered Post service by USPS is not only for the Domestic purpose, but you can also send shipments to other countries using International Registered Mail. All the procedures and standards are same for the International Mail. Your mail will be sent to the destination country in a highly secured environment, the confidentiality of the mail piece will never be compromised. Before sending a package, you need to contact the post office and find out which packages can be sent to other countries.

How long does Registered Mail take? You cannot expect faster delivery for this mail service. The standard delivery time for the Post office Registered Mail is 10 to 14 days. The delivery time is pretty high for this mail service as compared to the other USPS mail service because of the secured environment and procedures. This delay is due to the extra care for your package and getting signatures. If you’ve also opted for return receipt, then registered delivery can take more time Who Sends Registered Mail?

As mentioned above, people who need to send critical mail or packages in a secured manner can make use of this service. After knowing about the procedures and information about the Registered Mail, a question may arise in your mind “ how is the mail being protected”. The answer is, the mail sent via this service is protected with the sealed containers, cages, safes and comes with lock and key. Any customers who need extremely secured service for the mail delivery can opt for this service. You can make use of this service with the USPS mail classes such as First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Collect-on-Delivery, USPS Tracking (packages only), Restricted Delivery, Return Receipt and Signature Confirmation.