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It’s still a landmark – **this review was originally posted on another site (y.E.L.P.), but it was removed, along with all my other reviews as that site is practicing very unethical business.

Thanks to citysearch, which is truly unbiased… I am able to post my review here:


A portland destination for nearly 40 years.

I’ve been a regular at VQ for almost as long as they’ve been open, mind you…Many of those years in diapers!

Now, all grown up and able to dine sans diapers:

Their brunch is amazing, and eating outside during summer is a real treat. Can’t beat champagne on the patio at 10am!

I recently started spending more time at their happy hour, which offers gourmet delights at reasonable prices. One of my favorite HH meals is the rabbit pate. It’s luscious!Maestro mastercard

the duck spring rolls are a culinary delight, as is the pizza and bacon wrapped dates. Not your typical HH food.

They do a great osso bucco at dinner and anything they do with truffles is delish! Saffron halibut is one of the best halibut dishes in town.

If you ever get a chance to try their 6 course tasting menu, it’s worth the cash! It’s a lot of food, but each course is artfully presented and tastes better than the last!

Service varies from amazing to spotty. It’s always been that way as long as I can recall. I’ve had such great service with the family , we’ve wanted to return and request the same server. Other times, we plan on taking a long break because the service was just aloof.

Expensive but okay – this place was good the first time I went there.Maestro mastercard the bartender was awesome. The waitress was really nice and sweet. She was very knowledgeable and made the girls and I feel special when we were ordering.

The second time I came here *(A WEEK LATER) with my boyfriend… A grouchy waitress took our drink order, gave the order to the bartender (*we were only a couple of feet away from the bar) sitting at a table. The beer was poured from the tap and my drink was made and was sitting on the bar for EVER. I could have gotten up to get it myself… I should have. The waitress was pushing us to order food which was annoying. We came here for DRINKS.

We had to ask her to refill our water for us, which was annoying. Also, which I find pretty disgusting is that on the bar they have toppings for the drinks (cherries..Maestro mastercard blah blah blah) and the waitresses that night WERE EATING THEM in front of us and they were sucking on their fingers.

They never washed their hands before handling our drinks and such. I was highly disgusted.

HORRIBLE. Won’t go there again. Save your time and your money. Go to hubers.

Food is good, service is ok, watch the bill! – so I think the veggie burger is one of the best I have ever had, but why on earth doesn’t it come with tomatoes? That is very bizarre to me. I had made a few modifications to the order, so when it came out without tomatoes, I thought maybe they were missing in some confusion. I mean, it is a burger, right? Lettuce and tomato (and maybe onion) is pretty much a universal standard. So I asked to have a side of tomatoes.Maestro mastercard ok, I got 2, maybe 3 slices. With the tomatoes, it tasted much better. The side salad though, for a 2 or 3 dollar charge extra, was just greens and dressing. Nothing special and not particularly tasty. The pizza my friend got had figs, prosciutto, onions, brie, and was really good. Overall we were fairly pleased, although we waited a while for a server when we first sat down. But then we got the bill and not only did I pay for the extra salad, which I agreed to, but I was charged 2$ for the tomatoes. No one told me that there was an extra charge. Personally I think it is ridiculous to nickel-and-dime people, especially in this economy, and not even tell them about it. Not to mention that usually if a guest is upset about something, they are willing to maybe forgive the charge just this once, but I guess its worth it to them to lose a customer over 2$.Maestro mastercard it’s more of the principal of the matter. Don’t nickel-and-dime your customers, and don’t be deceitful. They could have made this right but they chose to ignore it. Where is the manager at times like these?

Hot numi tea – really! – hot tea, great service and great food in a beautiful place! I’m not sure why other reviewers ordered dishes covered in cheese or eggplant covered in a salty sauce and then complained of the dishes coming as they were described on the menu. My family had a lovely experience, we enjoyed the low but not too dark lighting, and the service was excellent. I have food allergies (nothing in the grape or coconut world) and our waiter was polite and quick about checking with the kitchen to see if the pork dish was safe. They left the sauce off and it was delicious!Maestro mastercard they serve a variety of numi teas, and the tea came hot, stayed hot, and they brought me more hot water. This is the first non-japanese restaurant in portland where I can say this. I love the layout of the place, too. It’s clearly grown and expanded in an organic fashion which I find more comfortable than a planned mall look. Lastly, this is a fine dining experience. Bring your wallet with you. If you have questions about the menu, ask! That’s what the quality staff are there for, and they *actually* have answers for you or know where to get them.

Best gnocchi ever – it has been a long time since i have had a dining experience this pleasurable. I went here for new year’s eve, and was a bit concerned that i was able to get a reservation at the last minute.Maestro mastercard i even stopped by in the middle of the day for a drink at the bar to check out the restaurant atmosphere before crazy new year’s eve revellers messed it up. Great bricky building with the bar in the front with an atrium-like area for dinner in the back. Bar service was slow and the first server i had was somewhat sulky and unresponsive. Dinner that night was completely different. Our server was amazing and hustled all night. The hostess substituted for the sommelier and provided us with a solid wine choice between two chateau neuf de pape choices. I found that their low-end wines/champagnes/spirits by the glass were horrid. Order wines from the middle price range to get the best deals here. Food wise, the shellfish was the best part of the tomato bisque with dungeness crab and lobster.Maestro mastercard the soup was somewhat bland. The gnocchi was the best i have ever had: the potato pasta was a perfect cushion for the flavor of sharp cheese and truffles, then smothered with roasted wild mushrooms and a cream sauce. I licked this platter so clean that i couldn’t do justice to the artic char with creamy wild rice that followed. Flavors in this dish were tasty but unusual to my palate with the cream, citrus and dungeness crab combination surrounding the fish, which was a bit rare for my liking. I also tried the cassoulet of duck confit, braised lamb and homeade sausage. A wonderful hearty choice for a cold evening. For dessert, i tasted the fried banana fritters (ho-hum, although my partner loved them) but ordered the famous chocolate souffle.Maestro mastercard the souffle was an artistic treat, and not too sweet, which was a concern.

Bent over backwards to make vegetarians happy – just got home from a special night! Wife’s birthday, and last day at a job better forgotten. The 3 of us (10 year old son too) are vegetarian and saw a scanty selection on the menu. Crestfallen, we considered leaving for more familiar hauntings, but our wonderful server, christine, convinced us to allow the vegetarian sous chef to stretch a bit. We were knocked out by 3 fabulous entrees, a couple of wonderful salads and the signature chocolate souffle. Atmosphere, was comendable. In typical portland fashion, we met a couple at a nearby table and had a great conversation to boot. Understand that we have backgrounds in food service, management, and bartending in past lives, so we are picky for good service.Maestro mastercard the other reviews on this site worried me about the possible uppity waitstaff. DON’T BELIEVE THEM! Our service was exemplary and we will happily return. Christine, thanks for taking great care of us on a special night, and please thank the kitchen for a great memory. Cheers.

Worst customer service ever – the entrance is indistinguishable so we entered the bar area only to have the bartender give us an arrogant look but turned away. A waitress was 5 ft in front of us but didn’t acknowledge us even though she made eye contact. Instead, a patron told us to head outside and just choose a seat. We went outside, no one greeted us, but there were tables already set with menus on them. We happily chose a nice table only to be rudely shooed away by a hostess as if we were hoodlums.Maestro mastercard she made us take a seat in the outdoor bar area instead. We sat there for 10 minutes before that same bar waitress came out to bring the remainder of our menus and take our orders.

She was snobby when I asked about cocktails and worse yet, when she brought it to us, she just plunked it on the table and walked off. We waited an hour before our desserts finally arrived, and waited another 20 minutes after our dishes were cleared before she brought our checks.

All in all, it was a horrible waste of a good summer evening. The souffle isn’t worth the $10. They drown it in an awful bitter chocolate sauce that tastes too strongly of alcohol, and I pulled slimy egg white membranes out of the souffle.

It may have been due to the thursday night tastings and we are a lot younger than the middle-age crowd there.Maestro mastercard nevertheless, that doesn’t excuse their arrogance towards us. I find it completely unexcusable how they treated us like we were beneath them, and I will never go back.