Walk between worlds (deluxe) by simple minds_ amazon.co.uk_ music mastercard debit maestro

Walk between worlds (deluxe) by simple minds_ amazon.co.uk_ music mastercard debit maestro

My first thought when I saw the new band photos was who are all these people? And where is mel gaynor?… This was the first sign that simple minds have once more reinvented themselves. With 2014’s big music being their strongest album for many years, expectations are riding high for walk between worlds.

What walk between worlds does best (at least over the first four of its eight songs) is evoke an upbeat feeling of dynamic optimism. It begins as a feelgood album with a classic simple minds vibe – a great way to start your day and lift your mood.

After the first couple of plays, “summer”, “utopia” and “the signal and the noise” are the immediate standout tracks, and the kind of songs that remind you why you love simple minds.

However, midway through the album, the songs begin to lack distinction.Mastercard debit maestro

the vocals are frequently drowned out by the many layers of music and messy production. With an orchestral section recorded at abbey road for “barrowland star”, I was expecting something epic and cinematic, but this is all lost in the production.

While simple minds continue to move forward and look ahead, it is a bit frustrating that so much of the album still seems lodged in the 80s. For a band whose early work still sounds relevant and is frequently cited as influential, it baffles me why they instead continually return to the late 80s bombastic stadium sound with pounding drums, reverb-drenched guitar solos and regular echoes of “alive kicking”.

But there is no point in even trying to compare walk between worlds with albums from over 35 years ago.Mastercard debit maestro despite struggling to keep a consistent line-up since the departure of forbes and macneil, simple minds are still one of the best live bands you’ll ever see, and that energy certainly comes across in the new music.

The bonus disc contains only 3 tracks, but silent kiss should have deserved a place on the album, perhaps in place of in dreams, which does feel more like b-side material.

So, mixed first impressions. Walk between worlds may be a grower… The idea of a shorter, 8-track album is certainly appealing, yet ironically everything seems to have been overcomplicated and lost in the mix. That aside, this is the sound of a revitalised band simply enjoying making music and I suspect with continual listens, more of those magical moments will hopefully emerge.Mastercard debit maestro

A fan since ouat and had like so many, eagerly awaited for release day of WBW especially since the official releases of 3 tracks from it. Arguably I think sense of discovery (echoes of alive and kicking) should have been the first for maximum impact.

So, what do you get? I won’t bore you with a tedious track by track synopsis. Instead I will say it is full of reminders of their older work; once upon a time, sons and fascination and I’ll stick my neck out and say neapolis too. Of course there are shades of big music which will assist in the album handover. If you are after bombast and anthems that will be a welcome to any gig set list, you’ve got it. Agreed that the band has had a bit of a turn around in terms of its line up, but it has not stopped them from putting together an incredible album that gets better with every listen.Mastercard debit maestro the coloured vinyl by the way throws 2 extra tracks in.

Roll on the colchester castle concert in august where even if we hear some tracks from WBW, I will be a very happy fan indeed.