What am i supposed to do with an american express gift cheque_ mastercard gift card international

But this check must be received by a cashier, either at a bank or a store. It cannot be redeemed online or deposited into an ATM.

So what my employer gave me is actually a headache. One of these days, I suppose that I’m going to go to our fancier giant (no difference in price but better selection and more helpful employees) at a less-busy time and use it. Apparently if I don’t spend the whole $50, I get the rest in cash, so at least it’s a one-time headache.

I prize efficiency and not getting in people’s way. I don’t want to use the bank because it’s very inefficient for me to drive across town. It’s also time-consuming since there’s always a line and I’ll be holding up the other people in that line just because my employer couldn’t put it with my regular paycheck or give me something I could use elsewhere.Mastercard gift card international

or I’ll spend more time in line at the giant and hold up people there as the clerk follows the redemption procedures. Heaven help us if I get a clerk that has no clue what to do with it (though the instructions are on the back).

What were you thinking, employer? I could have used this money months ago if only it had been in a check I could deposit or even an amex gift card I could use. It would have cost you less to print the checks yourself and been less logistically difficult, I expect.

I have half a mind to take it to the library, use it to buy a $1.00 used book, and then get cash back from a sympathetic coworker. However, we rarely have more than $50 in our till, so that wouldn’t work.

I don’t like creating hassle in the world when I don’t have to.Mastercard gift card international I don’t like it for me and I don’t like it for others. But if I want this $50, I have no choice.

So if you have thought of giving your friend, relative, or employee an american express gift cheque, I strongly ask you to consider both these questions:

A) do ALL the recipients frequently go to their banks?

B) do ALL the recipients pay for things by check anyway?

If neither answer is yes, then abstain. Find another way to give the money. I would suggest giving cash (or a check) in one of those red envelopes if you want to make it look pretty and special. And if you’re an employer of thousands, I can guarantee that not all your employees do either. And that many handle their banking/spending the way I do.

And if you’ve been given an american express gift cheque and ran across this article hoping to find a loophole, I’m sorry to report that there are none.Mastercard gift card international you must use it in front of a clerk, you may not deposit it in an ATM or use it online.

Gretchen hit the nail on the head. As a non-standard part of your paycheck, an extra $50 would be taxed as a bonus, so you would have more taken out of it than a normal paycheck. (you would get some of this additional back with your tax return, of course.)

In addition, often if you buy a lot of these sort of checks, you can get a deal on the fee they charge…and maybe that fee was less than the one on individual credit cards. And on top of that, some unions and such have policies on what sorts of gifts can be given to employees outside of payroll.

Not that it makes the gift check any less of a pain…but you’ll get to it eventually. I advise not worrying about the people behind you in line at the store.Mastercard gift card international you can even go to customer service at the beginning of your shopping trip to make sure you know what the process is, and they may even be able to suggest the best, most experienced cashier to use to make things go smoother. Everyone understands sometimes there is a holdup for non-standard types of things. Anyone who is overly upset about it is either having a bad day having nothing to do with you, or is an unpleasant person anyway. Rebecca august 4, 2008 at 3:01 pm

It’s kind of amusing to watch the vehemence of some of these reactions…my overall purpose in writing this was so that people searching and thinking about giving gift cheques would take a moment to evaluate whether the recipient will be able to use them easily or not. I’m sure some givers don’t even know the mechanics of cashing them.Mastercard gift card international

And of course, that people who’d received them would be able to find accurate info about the only two ways you can use them (since I had to check online to find out that these really are the only two ways). Maybe even feel a little camaraderie if they felt this was a frustrating set-up.

I may have gotten a little bit…carried away…over something which has only mildly irritated me every time I see it and consider the 1+ hour round-trip to a bank (plus gas) or how I never feel like “today’s a good day to hold up a line!” however, I’ll probably either take it all to the fabric store and just buy myself quilting stuff or if I can’t bring myself to do that I’ll slip it (unsigned at all) in the offering plate at church. I’ve never signed it (which you do twice) on the off-chance that I’ll just give it away.Mastercard gift card international april october 6, 2008 at 5:22 pm


I received $250 in american express gift checks last year for winning an award at my company and let me tell you they are NOT as easy as they make it seem. I tried to use mine at a very busy apple store to purchase an ipad. Managers had to be called to figure out if they would accept them and how they could even do the transaction. Even the managers had a difficult time figuring it all out. The process took a good hour and a half but I was finally able to make my purchase. I ended up returning my ipad as the new one came out a few days after initial purchase. Not only could I not do an easy return, apple made me pay for my new ipad upfront with my own money and then they had to mail me my refund for the original ipad.Mastercard gift card international I didn’t get my money for over a month.

Needless to say, I have never found these easy to use. I just won the same award again this year and was given another $250 in AMX gift checks. While I worked very hard to win that award I do wish they could realize that our world doesn’t use checks anymore… we use plastic.. If I were a company giving out gifts, bonuses, or awards… give your employee american express gift CARDS… they are easily used in stores and online.

I’m happy with the $250 that I earned but I admit in this day and age… checks just aren’t a easy thing to use but plastic is.

Great post. Many of commenters think you’re just being selfish, but I totally get it. You’re grateful but confused as to how to use it as the other retailers when get this as a payment.Mastercard gift card international richard december 9, 2013 at 4:57 pm