What Deregulation Means For You _ Wholesale Power Brokers business brokers orlando florida

What Deregulation Means For You _ Wholesale Power Brokers business brokers orlando florida

The natural gas market in california has been deregulated since 1991 but unfortunately most business owners and residential customers are unaware that they have any other options regarding their natural gas purchases. This regulation allows you the ability to select who you wish to purchase your natural gas from. Wholesale power brokers represents gas suppliers that are able to pool their customer’s usage together and get a much better rate for natural gas purchases. Since the supplier is able to buy natural gas at prices less than PG&E, they then pass those savings on to their customers and provide a cost savings to their customers, over what PG&E would charge them. In your case you can save up to 10%+ off your annual natural gas bill depending on your usage.

It only takes a few minutes of your time to transfer your account from being supplied by PG&E to being supplied by our wholesale gas supplier, and there are no start up, connection, or transfer fees of any kind to pay.Business brokers orlando florida additionally, you will incur no downtime and there are no additional risks involved with having a wholesale natural gas supplier. If you have an emergency or a pipeline problem you will still deal directly with PG&E and you will not be charged extra because you buy your natural gas from a wholesale supplier. However, if you have a problem with your billing or another customer service issue you can easily call your representative and be quickly taken care of because they are much more flexible and customer service oriented than PG&E.

Answer: you certainly do have a choice. The natural gas industry in your area has been deregulated. The easiest way to understand it is to think of it like telecommunications deregulation, but instead of using phone lines we are using natural gas lines.Business brokers orlando florida wholesale power brokers is able to get you signed up with a wholesale natural gas provider that will provide your natural gas at a discount and you continue to use the utilities existing pipelines to transport the natural gas to your facility or residence. There are no setup fees or connection fees and your utility will not charge you additional transportation costs. So the savings will be passed directly on to you from the actual natural gas you use.

Answer: the utility is allowed to build in the cost of their infrastructure, bad debts, and anything else the public utilities commission will allow them into their actual cost of gas. The wholesale provider has minimal overhead costs, and is much more flexible and able to go out and get the best price for natural gas. The savings is then passed on to their customers.Business brokers orlando florida

Answer: the wholesale gas provider will give the natural gas you buy from them directly to your utility company, and then you will still pay them to transmit and distribute the natural gas through their existing pipelines to your residence or facility. So you will still be a customer of your utility, but if you get your natural gas from the wholesale provider, you will still save money annually overall when you add in their transportation charges and the savings they offer you on the natural gas.

Answer: if you have an emergency like a gas leak or a fire you will still call you local utility company and they will come out and service your pipelines and meters, you will still be their customer because you will pay them to distribute your natural gas to your residence or facility.Business brokers orlando florida they will not charge you more in a maintenance or emergency situation because you have a wholesale gas supplier. However, if you have a billing or customer service issue, you can quickly contact your representative and be taken care of much quicker and effectively.

Answer: there is essentially no additional risk. The wholesale gas supplier has been in business for over 18 years and has over 22,000 commercial accounts nationwide and they have never received a better business bureau complaint. That is not the case with other energy marketers. With wholesale power brokers’ natural gas provider, they are truly devoted to customer satisfaction and the company was founded on the principles of integrity, reliability, and trust. They have survived and outlasted many others in our industry even when most had only been in business a fraction of the time we have.Business brokers orlando florida they will be here for a long time to come and in the event they could not supply you with gas, your local utility company would begin to supply you again automatically. That is something that has never once happened in their 18 years of business.

Wholesale power brokers is representing a wholesale gas supplier that has been in business since 1991 and have over 10,000 accounts nationwide without ever receiving one complaint. This is because of their strong emphasis on maintaining superior customer service and customer relationships are key elements to their success.

Answer: if you are a residential wholesale customer you will continue to just receive your one PG&E bill. The only difference will be that instead of having PG&E’s cost for your natural gas on your bill you would have the wholesale provider.Business brokers orlando florida nothing will change from your prospective and you just pay once using any current method available to you from PG&E. There is a $.05 per day customer fee included as well.

If you are a commercial wholesale customer in the PG&E area, you would be eligible to receive your charges attached to your current PG&E bill, just as outlined above. You would also have the option to receive a separate bill from the wholesale provider for the natural gas you used. This option has no customer fee.

Answer: in some months there is a chance that it could cost you more, but that does not happen often. However, when you look at it on an annual basis they have never cost their customers more than the utility would have on a per therm basis. The reason that the wholesale provider’s price can sometimes be more than the utilities price is because the utility actually lags behind were the current market price is.Business brokers orlando florida historically wholesale prices on a monthly level are most always less than the utilities, but when natural gas prices rise unexpectedly and quickly in a matter of a few months, it can result in the wholesale price for a month being more than the utilities. This is because when they were buying their natural gas at the markets current rates, the utility was still selling gas at rates below where the current market was. This is because they must set their monthly prices well in advance of when the wholesale provider does and the market was not forecasted to rise so much or so quickly. This results in PG&E’s prices continuing to rise as the wholesale providers’ prices level off or drop from their highs. That is why it is important for customers to look at the savings on an annual basis.Business brokers orlando florida essentially, if their prices are less than the wholesale provider’s in one month, then that difference is likely to be made up in subsequent months.