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I agree with iamfury on this one – I think there’s a disservice being done with the whole debit thing, but not what you think.Mastercard share price

Credit cards are a valuable tool for extra perks outside of pure cashback – better purchase protection, extended warranties, a company that will actually fight for you if you get fucked over (citi ate $900 because I got scammed when paypal told me to get stiffed, they have a customer for life for that)…

…The issue I have with debit-as-credit is that it’s screwing over whatever business you’re dealing with, even if it’s only a little bit, for your own sake.

PayPal doesn’t give that 1% on credit transactions out of the goodness of their hearts; they do it because they get a higher percentage of what you spend at the store when the transaction runs as credit rather than debit. With actual credit cards, the business expects to eat that percentage as a cost of doing business.Mastercard share price with debit, they’re expecting a lower cost of sale; it’s what they signed on for. If someone runs a debit as credit, they’re essentially saying I could help you save some money, but I won’t, because I don’t give a shit about you.

I’ve had one place give me a $5 discount on a transaction for offering to do my PIN instead of sign, because of how much it saved on their end. Other places where I ask how they would like it run, if it’s an employee who knows anything about the business, they’ll tell me debit’s cheaper on their end.

On the other side of the counter, when I’ve been in position to do so in the past, I’ve damn well rewarded those that looked to help me out, whether knowingly or not. Someone comes up to the counter, but there’s an instant coupon they’ve missed and they have a debit card in their hand?Mastercard share price I’m going to ask how they want to run their transaction. They tell me debit, I tell them about the deal they missed. They tell me credit, I just process the sale without doing that. I’m not going to get argumentative with the person about running it as credit, they just won’t know they missed out on a deal. The person who voluntarily did it as a proper debit, I’m not only going to get them the special but if I feel I won’t get any backlash for it, I tell them why, and phrase it as you helped us out by doing it this way, so let me help you out in return. That person will remember it as a positive since they saved extra money, and they’ll probably continue to run their card as debit, further helping every other business they deal with in the future.Mastercard share price

And that person who has the paypal debit card, but still voluntarily did debit without any prompting? I’m damn well hunting down every deal, special, and free promo item I can get them because they KNOW they’re giving up that 1% back they could be getting, and I want them to feel I’m going over the top to pay them back for the kindness.

Do I get cash back with my paypal card? Sure I do – but only from places where they only take the transactions as credit. Online? Yeah, I’ll take the 1%. Restaurants? No way to punch a PIN in at most of ’em, I’ll take the 1% there. Those places went into their merchant agreement knowing they were going to eat that and it’s not hurting them any worse. But as far as those that give the choice, I’m going to choose to be nice.Mastercard share price it comes back to repay you in the long run.

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