What is the easiest way to purchase fc barcelona tickets from the us_ – quora mastercard website

You can purchase your tickets in advance via the internet – I wanted tickets in a very specific zone, so kept on looking and availability changed continually in the weeks before the match as season ticket holders return their tickets. I ended up biting about two months out, but there is usually a big flood of tickets returned right before matchday.

The official FCB site is great for viewing availability in specific areas of the stadium, and you can get a sense of what the view is like for your desired area. I would browse using that site, but I was never successful making a ticket purchase on the FCB site using a US credit card — I tried multiple times. However, that’s not a problem – just make note of the zone (boca) and the seats (seients) you want, and you should be able to check out through servicaixa.Com – venta de entradas. (note that if you begin to initiate a purchase through the FCB site, your desired seats won’t show up as available on ticketmaster, so don’t have the two going at the same time!)

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You must remember to bring the credit card you used to make the purchase to spain with you. You can then print your ticket at any servicaixa kiosk anytime. Do note that all spanish credit cards have pins which most american cards lack — you will need your PIN in order to get this to work. Citibank customer service was able to tell me what my PIN was.

One final note: if you happen to know anyone who is a member of the club (a soci), and they are not intending to attend the match, if they are willing to share their soci number with you, you can receive significant discounts off the ticket face value by entering the soci number at checkout. But even sans discount, it’s still worth it. 🙂

I’ve been living in barcelona for six years now. It’s quite simple to get tickets, much more than you think:

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– always try to buy directly from fcbarcelona.Cat, the official club website. You can choose your seat (with preview), pay with card and pick up the tickets when you arrive or (depending on competition) just print them out

– the *only* games that are sold out are: games against real madrid and champions league games from quarterfinals onwards. For the rest, there are always seats available. That’s because the stadium is huge.

– all tickets go for sale at the start of the season on the website

– in addition, the club has a free your seat (seient lliure) program for permanent seat holders: if they cannot go, they can free up their seat and get a share if it is sold to someone. These freed up seats go on sale *three days* before the match. So even if your game looks almost sold out, do NOT panic and buy bad deals from third parties!Mastercard website be patient and buy online three days before the match (again, except el clasico against madrid)

So there is no need to buy weird bundles or similar stuff from third parties.

Enjoy the best club in the world!

I’d suggest that WHATEVER you do, you do NOT follow alex, advice!

The FC barcelona website may also have information on how to purchase tickets from overseas. …Why give advice if you have not checked out the obvious source?

I would NEVER dream of using a generic site like viagogo.

I am a huge football fan – have visited over 200 stadiums, speak spanish etc so I am prepared to either buy off the official site or take a risk. If you are asking this question you are clearly not in that situation so www.Simplybarcelonatickets.Co.Uk is a good source at fair prices.Mastercard website

Something else to mention – get to the stadium in good time (a) to savour the atmosphere but also (b) to FIND your seat because with nearly 100,000 people all wanting to get to the stadium 5 minutes before kick-off, this puts pressure on the transport, turnstiles etc etc you do not want to miss the first 90 minutes – even as a huge madridista I could enjoy a game there ….If only to support the away side!

Seriously, it is a GREAT atmosphere and if you can’t get to madrid this is the second best thing.

Finally, you will be massively impressed how quick the stadium clears at the end – it’s like disney. There is NO need to leave 10 minutes before the end. It’s very slick how it all works.