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I’m talking about these things:

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At my local store here in toronto, there’s mastercard, amex, and VISA, all in different amounts. All I really want is anywhere between 30-60$, so probably a $35 card (which only VISA offers) or a $50 card (which they all have), and I only want to get it for buying stuff online without having to sign up for a proper CC.

But they all have different terms and conditions and rules, like no reloading, no ATM withdrawals, money will be taken at the end of the month, or we’ll only start taking monthly money after the first 3 months… Etc. And they all come in these little enclosed booklets that I do not have the time to read. Also I’m in canada, so the rules are probably different from anyone here with experience in the USA.Buy prepaid mastercard

So is there, by chance, anyone that has gone down this road, and knows which card is the best? I would think VISA would have the most likelihood of being accepted by the retailer, but are amex and MC really all that rare in comparison? Will one of these companies try to screw me over more than the rest?

Thanks for any advice!


RBC’s version. Unfortunately it suffers from the old adage of pick 2: good, fast or cheap. It’s good and cheap, but it’s far from fast. It takes at least 10 minutes to buy from a teller and far longer if the bank is busy. However, it’s one of the more universally accepted cards out there. I’ve tried most of the off the shelf types like this and they occasionally get declined at places. I have no idea what an ATM withdrawal is worth, but with a $35 card you’re going to be doing one for $20 anyway so it’s kind of moot.Buy prepaid mastercard there are no fees outside of the $4 load fee. There might be a reactivation fee if it expires but most of the new cards don’t expire until 2018.

If you need a reloadable card, the only card I’d even consider is BMO’s prepaid. If you don’t have a BMO account it’s somewhat of a pain to load as you have to send in a payment and wait 2 days.

However it is by far the cheapest. If you have any regular usage, you could easily get a BMO account as well and still beat out someone like money mart’s card. It’s $7/year for the card and also has no fees for anything.

As for the USA, that’s another can of worms. My recommendation would be a bank account. These can be as low as free and provide you with a VISA debit that isn’t stupid like canada’s version.

May 31st, 2014 2:15 pm

buy prepaid mastercard

As for the USA, that’s another can of worms. My recommendation would be a bank account. These can be as low as free and provide you with a VISA debit that isn’t stupid like canada’s version.

I did say in my OP that I’m in canada. But yeah, I know, they have much different rules in the states. Some of their prepaid credit cards can actually be used at an ATM!

So I went to my local grocery store, and they seem to offer 3 different kinds of prepaid cards; VISA, mastercard, and AMEX. I couldn’t open them up to get the full terms and conditions, so I took photos of the rear packaging which give a gist of their terms:

(click on pics for full resolution photos)

——————– VISA—————————————————————- mastercard————————————————– AMEX————–

buy prepaid mastercard

[IMG]http://i.Imgur.Com/zsnz5skl.Jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.Imgur.Com/bfvhztgl.Jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.Imgur.Com/vsz1yfvl.Jpg[/IMG]

I’m no good with legalese , so I was kinda hoping you could tell me, are these all basically the same, or is one of these 3 better than the others? Or are these photos useless because there could be any sorts of terms and conditions on the inside enclosed leaflet that completely change everything? Or is there just not enough information on the backs of these cards to tell?

Once again, thank you for all your time and any help!

I don’t need a reloadable card. I just need a way to be able to buy things on steam and amazon and ebay, without having to sign up for a proper credit card, which I wouldn’t qualify for anyway. I get paid in cash, so its all I have right now.Buy prepaid mastercard I am looking for the easiest, fastest, most painless way to take that cash money and turn it into steam games and amazon and ebay goods.

Unless you only make a couple purchases, I’d recommend the BMO prepaid.

There are no qualifications as it’s not a credit card. It’s completely prepaid.

If you have $7 you can get it.

Also be VERY aware of your balance when using a prepaid card on steam.

I used a prepaid card in the past to clean it out and miscalculated the total dollar amount.

TL;DR the card did a chargeback because I put it into the negative. Steam didn’t like it and locked my entire account.

Luckily I had access to a merchant terminal at the time so I could do a refund onto the card myself to free up some balance and get them to reprocess.

If I didn’t have a merchant terminal I would have lost my steam account with hundreds of games on it because most merchants won’t refund to a different card.Buy prepaid mastercard

Now I buy steam cards from EB games. They’re easier.

May 31st, 2014 11:31 pmi really liked the BMO prepaid mastercard travel card. I opened up a BMO basic account and paid maybe 4 bucks a month for it. Etransfered money to it and transferred it onto my card. I’m sure you can do it at a teller too with cashola.

Yep. If you have a BMO bank account you can go right to the teller and they’ll put the money on the mastercard.

OP, are you willing to open up a bank account? Because if you are planning on buying multiple prepaid cards, I think you are way better off getting a bank account and the BMO prepaid travel mastercard. You don’t even need to pay for the banking if you don’t want to. There’s PC financial (the one I would personally recommend) and tangerine (formally ING direct).Buy prepaid mastercard both of which offer free chequing accounts. My experience opening a PC account was easy and pretty quick, ING not so much. As for the BMO prepaid mastercard, when I originally applied for mine it was like $10 for 3 years, now it’s $7 per year but still a very good deal. I’ve used it on amazon, gamefly, humblebundle, ect and had no problems and haven’t incurred any extra fees. In fact, I’ve used the thing a ton and haven’t had any fees beyond the initial setup.

EDIT: I also want to add, as it hasn’t been said yet, the BMO travel mastercard has extended warranty and purchase protection. Depending on what you’re buying on ebay and amazon it could be worth getting one of these just for the extended warranty.