Why bitcoin, litecoin, and ripple are up_ bitcoin gold. north korean. - youtube mastercard international number

Why bitcoin, litecoin, and ripple are up_ bitcoin gold. north korean. – youtube mastercard international number

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Hello everyone. My name is nick, the host of sobuka… Bitcoin breaking the $4,700 barrier. And I just want to tell everyone that all the prices listed on my channel are given in USD. As well, I will talk about litecoin breaking past $67.00 and lastly ripple creeping up to the $0.25 region.[1] yes, it’s honestly about freaking time that ripple made moves higher.Mastercard international number

what a disappoint-er for the past few months. So guys stay tuned to hear all of this…

Bitcoin. Buy and hold bitcoin. Bitcoin cash (bcash). Bitcoin gold (bgold).

Before I move forward with this, I just want to say that my channel is not financial advice. Please talk to a financial advisor before jumping into the cryptocurrency space. So let’s start with bitcoin. The cryptocurrency broke past the $4,700 … Anything or news that is better than my reasons, please help me out. Share it under my comments section so others are informed, or hand me a thumbs up if you agree with my assessment.

O.. Speculates. The other one is called bitcoin gold or bgold for short similar to bcash. We do not currently know what the ticker symbol for bgold is as it was originally slated to be named BCT, but that ticker symbol was taken.Mastercard international number I looked over a small poll from twitter followers from the bgold site. Their poll asked “which crypto dividend has the greatest chance to survive in the long haul?” the results so far is bgold at 42%, segwit2x at 32%, and bcash at 26%. So from that small poll, bgold is currently at the lead. Non and conversations.. Strategy is albert einstein-ish.

Litecoin, bitcoin’s “legitimate” baby brother. The litecoin lightning network.

And this is a good solid transition to litecoin, which I call bitcoin’s “legitimate” baby brother. Let’s talk about litecoin’s price move. It is currently just hovering below the $70 price region this morning. ….Fter bitcoin, and it shares quite similar relations to bitcoin given litecoin’s supply is a several folds more.Mastercard international number in the industry litecoin is still looked upon as the silver to bitcoin’s gold. This lightning upgrade which is suppose to be coming out in september will allow litecoin to handle a lot more transactions per second.

Let’s talk about ripple

With that said, what they heck is ripple?! Ripple quite simple for new people out there is a banking technology that brings something to the financial industry, which is speed and transparency of transactions. It does have a token associate with it called XRP which is now just shy of the $0.25 cents region…

This lastly pulls me into news about north korea and south korea with respect to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies news.[2] it turns out that north korea has been suspected to hacking south korean cryptocurrency exchanges.Mastercard international number I am not sure if that news is true. All I can take out from that news is that it makes north korea appear much smarter than they look. And we are giving them a lot of credit for that. There are some and world class crypt..

Alright…That’s all I have for this segment ladies and gentlemen. If you want me to look at any specific country in detail as it relates to cryptocurrencies, please let me know. My only restriction is that the country must be in the areas I cover on this channel such as africa, latin america, middle east, and south asian pacific. And lastly, if you like this content, please click the like button on youtube. You can also upvote/re-steem this content on steemit. For new people, you can also choose to follow me here on steemit or subscribe on youtube.Mastercard international number so please feel free to post your questions below and if there is any specific cryptos you want me to look at, please let me know. I promise to get back to all of you!