Winter holidays – tsw database

Currently, the Winter Holidays consists of the Krampusnacht 2017 event and Hel open raid boss. More content is coming as Secret World Legends re-releases and revamps seasonal content from The Secret World. All cosmetics available through the years of The Secret World’s Winter Holiday event bags are available during Krampusnacht 2017 in Secret World Legends.

All cosmetic items acquired during a seasonal event have their entries marked in the Dressing Room, Pet and Sprint UI, and Emote UI with a special seasonal sale icon that signifies that an item or items is acquired through the event. These icons are seasonally appropriate in shape.

Seasonally acquired cosmetics are bumped to the top of their UI lists during the event for greater visibility.

Each new day during the Winter Holidays brings with it a unique seasonal Daily Login Reward available regardless of patronage. Claimable once per account, these rewards are in addition to the normal Daily Login Rewards. There are a set number of rewards and missing a day won’t result in missing the reward for that day. There are 15 distinct seasonal login rewards for the Winter Holidays, but items are awarded for the entirety of the event for a total of 21 Login Rewards.

There are two modes to Niflheim: Normal (or ‘Easymode’), and Nightmare (‘Hardmode’ or the equivalent of ‘E5’). Against the left hall of Niflheim (245,250) is the Altar of Niflheim. Activation of the Altar will swap between the two difficulties. When Nightmare mode is in effect, Equal Footing will deactivate for the final encounter of Niflheim: Hel; however, she can be faced on either difficulty.

The Malevolent Snowflakes bestow their gifts upon a person in a specific order. The first Snowflake opened will always have the same items unless all items being rewarded are already owned, as may be the case if a character has Legacy cosmetics from TSW. If all items of a Snowflake tier are already owned, the following Snowflake’s rewards will be given until there are no new rewards. Any Malevolent Snowflakes opened when all cosmetic rewards are owned by the character opening them will instead reward 2,000 Anima Shards. Malevolent Snowflake Reward List

The Winter Holiday event has a variety of clothing pieces to earn. These can be previewed in the Dressing Room and can be easily found thanks to the green festive tree icon denoting a Winter Holiday seasonal item. The following clothing rewards are received through achievements or drop directly from specific yuletide monsters and bosses. Knitted reindeer sweater, black

This emote allows the player to throw a snowball at another person or mob. Unlocking it unlocks both the Emote: Snownball in the Emote UI and the /snowball command. The slash command version of this emote has no visual snowball component and does not work for any snowball related achievements. A physical item version of this emote can be purchased from Dr. Caligari in Agartha for 500 Marks of Favour once having completed the achievement, "Stay Frosty". Limited-Time Seasonal Purchases

Upon defeating Hel within Niflheim in any difficulty, she drops a Festive Gift Bag. This bag primarily drops consumable items to place on the ground and flares, but does have a small chance for some cosmetics as well. There is no cooldown for looting the Festive Gift Bag. Consumables accquired in this bag cannot be traded, but the cosmetics can be. Festive Gift Bags give 1 item from its loot table.

This particular Item Reward Bag comes from completing the mission Feeding Hunger With Famine. There are two versions of this bag, both a superior and epic quality version. The epic version has a higher chance to drop cosmetics, but they both are capable of doing so. Distillates differ in quality between them, as well. Opening this Item Reward Bag gives 3 items from its loot table.

• Purification Drone Model UW-0 – Gadget. Summons a friendly drone that will cast Decontamination Protocol. 30 second cooldown. Decontamination Protocol: Cleanse 1 detrimental effect from your target ally each second for 6 seconds. Each detrimental effect cleansed from the target will heal the target for (0.23*HP). If the target has no detrimental effect when the drone attempts to cleanse, then the drone will relocate to the nearest group member with a detrimental effect.